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Binder Covers

Ahhh back to school season is here. The smell of new backpacks and fresh pens fill the air. Nothing quite compares.

The back to school season has always been bittersweet for me. I have always loved getting new school supplies and seeing all my friends but I’m never quite ready to let summer go.

If you haven’t learned how much a neat freak I am by now, just take my word for it. All through middle and high school I used binders religiously to organize my stuff. Now that I’m in college  I have a little different method for organizing my school stuff. However, I am still totally a big supporter of binders. I had a binder for every one of my classes and then at one point I even had a separate “homework” binder to keep my homework for that night in. I was (and still am) a little OCD about keeping all my school papers organized. I would literally have nightmares when I was younger (I’m talking elementary age) about getting to class and not having my homework. Unfortunately, not much has changed…

I would always search for the prettiest notebooks and most colorful pens. Schoolwork is not exactly fun so you might as well make your school supplies fun to look at! I would make my mom take me to multiple office max and staples stores in the area to ensure that all my notebooks and binders were perfect before the first day. Then I would take out the label machine and go crazy labeling everything. 

Although I don’t use binders anymore, I thought it would be fun to design some fun binder covers for all those girls who feel the same pain I did and like to have fun, colorful school supplies!

To make these one your binder cover // Click here to view all of them and print them off from this powerpoint! You can go through the slides and print off the specific ones you like. 

Be sure to tweet me (@prepavenue), tag me in an Instagram (@prepavenue), or Snapchat (shannon.hessen) me a picture of your binders! I want to see how they turned out!

Which one is your favorite?





  1. Aww I love these!! Thanks for sharing!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  2. Shannon, I love these! I'll definitely be using them this year, especially the "She who dares wins" and "YGG" ones!
    Lauren | misslaurenalston.blogspot.com

  3. These are lovely!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. How cute!! My favorite is the small victory one! These are all precious.

    xoxo, Mal


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