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Dear Class of 2019,

I was able to make it to Furman for a few days (hence the lack of posts) before I leave for Italy for the entire semester. It’s was so much fun to see so many friends and spend some time with them before their classes begin. I helped my friends move into their apt. and I even brought a few of my things to add since I’ll be living there in the spring. I drove down last Thursday and then got home late yesterday night.

Chillin' in the new apt!

I had such a wonderful week spending so much quality time with so many great friends.  I wasn’t ready to come home and leave the campus I love so much. I had a few random things to take care of at Furman, but other than that I spent most of the time hanging out in our new apartment (that I’ll live in in the Spring when I come back) and trying to visit everyone before I leave for the semester.

The welcome back carnival with my sweet little! 

It’s kind of surreal to call myself a junior now. I helped with freshman move in last Friday and it was so weird to think that I moved into my first dorm 2 years ago.  As I helped unload all of their belongings out of their cars ( and uhauls?!?!) and carry them up multiple flights of stairs, I found myself wishing I could be in their shoes again. There are so many fun and exciting times in their future and I’m not sure they realize how precious these first few days are until you’re a junior like me and halfway through your college career.

Celebrating the last day of summer with a hike!

There are so many things I wish I could tell them so I figured I would write those freshman a letter just as I did for the freshman in high school.

Dear class of 2019,

First let me tell you how jealous I am of you. You have so many great memories that are waiting to be made and so many opportunities in front of you. As I carried in all your heavy boxes of clothes, shoes, and random decorations, I thought about how special this time is (whether you may recognize it or not). You get to decide in the next few months what your college career is going to be like and what kind of person you will be. You’re all starting in the same place and not being nervous, wouldn’t be normal.

You should know that there is so much adventure waiting for you in the next four years. You will have some crazy memories and sometimes your favorite moments will take place at 2 o’clock in the morning sitting on your dorm floor with your best friends. Despite what your mother has always told you, some good things do happen after midnight.

You should know that saying bye to your parents is not going to be easy and you might miss them a lot but take my word and know that it will get easier with time.

You should know that sometimes the first semester can be the hardest. You are suddenly in a whole new place, with all new people, living in a tiny dorm room, and taking classes that are harder than you’ve ever taken before. It’s going to be an adjustment. And homesickness strikes easily when you’re stressed. The cure is to fully embrace this new life, and get as involved as possible.

You should know that your life is not going to be over if you don’t make straight A’s. Period.

You should know that it’s perfectly normal not to have any clue what you want to do when you come to college. Don’t panic. Through classes, inspiring professors, and new experiences, you will slowly figure out what interests you the most and what you’re passionate about.

You should know to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Is there an internship that sounds amazing but you don’t think you could ever get it? GO FOR IT. You never will know if you don’t at least try. There are so many amazing opportunities that are thrown at you during this time and you should take advantage of every single one of them.

You should know that this time will go by faster than you could ever imagine. You are only a freshman once and before you know it, you will be in my shoes, a now college junior, moving new freshman into their dorms. Make more memories than you could ever remember, take so many pictures your phone can’t hold anymore, and always say yes to cookout runs at 1 o’clock in the morning. Because everyone always needs a study break right?

Good luck to the class of 2019. Conquer the world.




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  1. I just started my freshman year, and this post really hit me. Almost 2 weeks in, I'm starting to get the feel of this college thing. While it's overwhelming and scary, it also so much fun! I feel so blessed for this opportunity, and I definitely plan to live every moment to the fullest.
    I loved this!
    - Destinee Nicole | thegirlinsequins.com