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How to Organize a Dorm Closet

Organizing a dorm closet is never an easy (or fun) task. I have luckily gotten pretty good sized closets both my freshman and sophomore year so I was able to store a fair amount of clothes in there.

I thought I would share a few tips and tricks on how I organized my sophomore dorm closet and some of the products I used to keep myself organized.

Because of the angle of my closet, it was really hard to get a good picture to see it all. Our closet was a walk in and then on the other side was my roommate’s stuff.

Tip #1: Bring your clothes in seasons. There is absolutely no reason why you need to keep your heavy peacoat and riding boots in your closet in August. They take up space and add unnecessary clutter. Bring a majority of summer clothes when you move in and then you can always switch over at Thanksgiving! Although it may not be fun, it’s the easiest way to ensure that you don’t have items taking up precious space when you’re not actually using them.

Tip #2: Rearrange the shelves to best fit you! I moved my hanging shelf a little higher than it was originally so it would allow for more space below. I had a step stool so I could reach it all!

Tip #3: Skinny hangers are your best friend. They save so much room and allow you to have more hanging space!

Everyone uses a different system and likes their stuff in a different way, but this layout worked really well for me and I was able to keep everything neat and tidy. (Also these drawers worked amazingly well under my bed! See pictures here!)

Now for some of my favorite products I used to keep me organized:

Style Station | I used one of these to keep my straightener and blow dryer in! We had a mirror in our closet so I was able to do my hair and makeup in there. I wanted these to be in my closet and easy to access. I decided to put them in there so they weren’t in plain sight sitting on my desk. But this simple station was able to keep my organized and gave my straightener, blow dryer, and curler a home!

Shelf Dividers | I added these about midway through the school year and they are literally life savers. You can see that they just made separate compartments for my sweatshirts and sweaters and kept stacks from falling over. Probably one of my favorite purchases ever.

Large Storage Boxes | I had these on the ground of my dorm and I was able to fit 4! I used 3 for shoes and then one for purses and totes! They saved so much space and made it so easy to just throw my shoes in!

Command Hooks | to hang everything and anything. I had some wall space so I stuck a few up to hold the jackets I wore often! 

Woven Bins | I kept a lot of random stuff in these. I kept an extra supplies in them (more tooth-paste, some shampoo, etc), but I also put all my hair sprays, lotion, laundry stuff, and nail polish in them!

Divided Tray | Everyone likes their makeup set up differently but I like to be able to see it all so I loved having this in such a accessible place (also right next to the mirror!). I kept everything makeup related in it as well as chap-stick and deodorant and a few other things I used on a daily basis.

What were some of the best products that helped you organize your closet? I'm curious to know! 





  1. I love these tips! I switch my closets by season at home and it is so helpful!


  2. Taking advantage of the space under your bed is also key, I used to keep my clothes and purses under there because I had the tiniest dorm closet.