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Move-In Day Musts

Now that I’ve successfully gone through 2 move in days and 2 move out days I feel like my parents and I now have it down to a close science. Freshman year is hard, especially when you’re the first born (like me!) and it’s been a few decades since your parents have been in college. We really didn’t have a great idea what we would need on move in day and what we wouldn’t, so we overpacked, like I always have a tendency to do.

I’m not going to lie, move in day is exciting and chaotic and overwhelming all at the same time.  Everyone is trying to use the same door and everyone is trying to unload their jam packed mini vans. There is trash all over the hall and then your whole family + your roommates whole family is trying to unpack in a teeny tiny dorm room.

As move-in days for most colleges is right around the corner I thought I would give you a few tips on the things that were most helpful for actual move in day!!

All of these things are items that we brought with us that we ended up being so thankful we brought or things we were mad at our self for not bringing! Take my word from a rising college junior and pack these things. You will thank me later!

What do you suggest bringing on move-in day to make it go smoother?




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  1. Love these tips, Shannon! I am the oldest child in my family too so when it comes time for me to move in to college, I have no big sister/brother (or cousin) to ask! I'll definitely pin this for my College board!


  2. Great you still have your head between your shoulder after all these move-out move-in stress