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August is the Sunday of summer. School is right around the corner and it’s always a bittersweet feeling. Some years I’m more ready to go back than others. All of my friends at here at home headed off to school this week and it feels surreal that summer is really coming to an end.

My study abroad program starts a little later than Furman so I don’t jet set until mid September. I’m thankful to have some extra time to get everything at home in line since I was gone all summer.

This life hack will change your life 

Did you hear the news?! So curious to find out more! 

This made me giggle. Only at Condé Nast. 

Has anyone ever tried these?! I think I need to try them. Such an interesting concept.  

Also saw this movie yesterday and really liked it!

What's on your radar this weekend?





  1. I love those end of summer goals, my school starts on Wednesday and I'm wishing summer could last forever! I found that article on J. Crew very interesting and love the old post of yours that you linked!


  2. I love your opening line: August is the Sunday of summer. Couldn't have said it more accurately. I started school this past Thursday though, lol. I'm getting worried about J.Crew now! And I had no clue about Gap stores closing!
    - Ruth S. | www.reallytrulyruth.com