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Shoes for Touring

Everyone (by everyone I mostly mean mostly moms) always remind you about how important it is to bring comfortable shoes for touring. The worst part is, is that your comfortable shoes aren’t always your cute shoes and then you got yourself in the big cute vs. cozy conundrum.

Well after 2 ½ weeks in Italy in May touring all the major cities, and then 2 months in Paris this summer I learned quickly that like most everything else in life, moms are always right. Okay so maybe it wasn’t my best idea to bring my super adorable, oh so perfect flats that occasionally gave me blisters and had yet to break in, maybe.

I quickly learned that the shoes you feel comfortable walking around campus in are not necessarily the shoes that are the most comfortable for walking 12 miles a day while strolling down the ancient, uneven cobblestone roads in Rome in. It’s so so so important to wear comfortable shoes or else you will be miserable all day, and therefore, make everyone else in your group miserable. So do everyone a favor and buy yourself a new pair (or two) of great touring shoes for your upcoming trip.

These were my favorite shoes for touring and will definitely be the first to go in my bag when I’m packing for my semester abroad in just a little over a month!!

New Balance Sneakers // Who says sneakers can't be fashionable?! I have seen so many girls rock sneakers with jeans now and let’s be real, if you’re gonna go for it, you at leasts have to have some fabulous sneakers like these! I got a pair for my birthday in April that are Navy and I’m so glad I brought them on the trip. In Italy whenever we got to a new city our first day was always spent getting a general tour of the city and hitting all the hotspots. Sometimes we would walk 13 miles a day!! By the time you’ve hit mile 7 you’re thanking your lucky stars you’re wearing sneakers.

Sam Edelman Sandals // I got these sandals last summer and literally wore them out. I wore them so much that one day I was walking down the street in Paris on my way to meet some friends the front strap that goes between your toes, broke and completely popped out. It was quite the tragedy. Luckily I was passing a Forever 21 (they have one in Paris!) and was able to waddle across the street in my broken shoes (I was quite the site I'm sure) and buy another pair of cheap sandals I could wear for the rest of the night. I have since ordered a new pair of these sandals because I loved them so much. The bottom is kind of squishy so I was totally comfortable walking a good distance in these shoes.

Converse // My mom likes to take credit for these. She ordered a pair for herself a while ago and then convinced me to order a pair to bring with me. I was shocked how much I wore them. One of the best parts is is that they go with everything! I could wear them with dresses, shorts, or jeans! I will have to say I wore them so much that I came home and they were basically another color. The great thing is is that we were able to bleach them and they look brand new again! I love this version because the back is like elastic so you can easily slip them on and off and make them a little more comfortable around the heel. 

Tieks // I know I’ve talked about how wonderful these flats are before but I can’t say it enough. They are the most comfortable flats ever and if I was rolling in money I would buy a pair in every color and just wear a pair every day. Although you typically don't really think of ballet flats as being a shoe that’s uber comfortable to walk long distances in, these flats will change your mind. I even wore them touring the ruins of Pompeii!! Long story short: splurge and buy yourself a pair. Your feet will be thanking you later. 

What are your favorite touring shoes? I'm dying to know before I spend an entire semester abroad touring!





  1. I always grab my converse when I'm going to be doing a lot of walking.

  2. I should've known to bring better shoes than my Jack Rogers when my husband and I honeymooned in Savannah, GA this past May-I wish I would've had some Tieks or some Converse for sure. Great post!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

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  6. I immediately discovered that the shoes you feel great strolling around grounds in are not inexorably the shoes that are the most agreeable for strolling 12 miles a day while walking around the antiquated, uneven cobblestone streets in Rome in.

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