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College Wardrobe Essentials

I’ll be the first to admit that I love school. I love going back every summer and I love being there (most of the time). Well honestly I should probably elaborate. I love the social aspect and how busy it keeps me, I'm exactly fond of all the schoolwork and stress it comes with. 

However, the absolute, hands down, worst part of going back to school is packing. I typically take over the entire bonus room with all of my stuff. The pile usually starts in the beginning of the summer when I unpack my stuff and then slowly grows to cover the entire floor all summer.

After 2 years of packing and unpacking I now have a good idea about what I’ll actually use at school and what I’d be better leaving at home. I have learned what is an absolute essential and what I can easily live without. And through the past 2 years in college I have developed some favorites. 

These are my absolute must-haves for college/ dorm life.  

If you need more help packing...

What are you college must haves?



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  2. Love your list! I'll be sure to save this for when I head off to college in two years!


  3. Just found your blog and its adorable!