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Fall To Do List


Pumpkin spice lattes, frolicking through the pumpkin fields, and bundling up in layers I am happy to welcome Fall with open arms.

In my opinion Fall comes with some real pluses and minuses.

Plus: It means Christmas is getting closer
Minus: Homework and reality has returned
Plus: I can finally wear grey again and not worrying about sweating (Carolina’s in the summers aren’t exactly glamorous)
Minus: The cotton candy blizzard at Dairy Queen is taken off the menu as well as my happiness.

With all the great things that come with fall to be honest it’s not my favorite season. I’m much more of a spring girl if I do say so myself. I am a lover of pastel colors, seersucker, and scallops and a plethora of sun dresses. All of which, are hard to pull off in the fall.

I’ve officially been in Italy for a little more than a week so while everyone else is a few weeks into classes I’m only just beginning my fall semester. I have a great view of the alps out of window and I wouldn’t want to spend my Fall anywhere else. However, if I was spending it back in the states these are the things I would spend my fall doing.   

What's on your Fall to do list?




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