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Helpful Photoshop Shortcuts

I use photoshop for almost everything on my blog. I also use it in all of my graphic design classes I take at school.

I believe it was the summer before my freshman year when I sat down and made the commitment to myself to finally learn the program. I started from the very beginning. And when I say beginning I mean I didn’t even understand what layers were. It took a lot of YouTube tutorials, practice, and googling.

But with lots of attempts, and mess ups* I finally have Photoshop down, for the most part.

*One lesson I learned was that photoshop does not autosave like Microsoft programs. I had been working on a graphic design project all day and then the program crashed….I walked into my close friends room uncontrollably sobbing and it was from that moment  on that I learned to always save your work right away.

Anyway photoshop can be great for so many things. But it is confusing if you don’t know some of the tips and tricks. Here are some of the shortcuts that are the most useful!

Photoshop is totally worth it once you figure out your way around it! Until then hopefully these shortcuts will help! Or if you're really serious about it, then consider purchasing this...




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