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I’m seriously not kidding when I say I could spend an entire day flipping through coffee table books and old magazines.

My love for typography simply knows no ends. When I grow up I am going to need multiple coffee tables for the collection of coffee table books I aspire to have. I’m also protesting that we should rename “coffee tables” because I plan on using them to display my pretty books filled with gorgeous typography rather than use it to hold my coffee.

One of my favorite uses for pinterest is to look at all the typography. And if you ever need some inspiration, I highly suggest heading over to my “chitter chatter” board. It’s filled with fun sayings, all of which I could print out and hang on my wall. Making a real life Pinterest board. #inmydreams

I learned early on blogging that the default fonts that come on a computer were simply not going to work for me. Can you blame me? Well here are my current favorites that you can download, for free (any college kid’s favorite word).

Which one is your favorite?





  1. As a fellow typography nerd, I thank you for compiling this lovely list together!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

  2. Love this! I love having cute fonts for my blog images so your list is definitely helpful!