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Fall is that you?

This week I feel like I haven’t been able to catch my breath. We got back from Greece on Sunday and today we’re headed to Florence for a long weekend. I’m looking forward to hopefully having even an hour or 2 next week where I can catch up on some of my school work and fill you all in on life in Italy!

It’s been getting chily here! We’re right at the base of the alps and surrounded by mountains so I can definitely feel that crisp air coming. I swear I blinked and I needed my heavier coat and could suddenly wear riding boots?

My classes are actually on the floor below where I live (so weird right?!) so I basically just have to roll out of bed in the morning and roll right into class, it rocks. However it definitely has made me want to wear nike shorts or leggings every day of the week.

While I’m ALL for casual clothes, sometimes it’s nice to dress up just the slightest bit. These J. Crew leggings are the best thing ever invented because you can totally dress them up and I wear them all fall and winter with my riding boots. They are thicker than just regular leggings and have a small zipper on the butt (you can’t see if your shirt is over it!). Definitely one of my fall essentials!

On the topic of my sweater, I bought this sweater from Loft in Greenville when I was visiting Furman and I may have gone back to the Loft in Raleigh to buy it in another color. It is the softest sweater ever and I loved how it was longer in the back! Makes it so great to wear with leggings! 





  1. That bag is so cute! I can't wait to see more pictures!
    XO Alyson | mylifeasalyson.blogspot.com

  2. This look is so cute Shannon. You're seriously living the life!! Reading this post made me want to jetset to Europe for a month and put off all my college applications LOL.

    Xo, Kate // asprinkleofkate.blogspot.com