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4 weeks down and I’m still horrific at Italian. I really do try but most of the time I just end up butchering the word and they start speaking back to me in English. At least I try though right?

This week we have a long weekend and only had 3 days of classes! A group of 8 of us are headed south to Florence and Cinque Terre for a few days. I’m learning the hard way how to be productive on planes/ trains/ buses/ taxis and make the most of every free moment to get some homework done so we can make the most of my time in all these cities. We have some really fun trips planned for the upcoming weeks so make sure you’re following along to see my journey studying abroad!

For all those midterms coming up:

20 apps every college students needs

This office. absolute perfection. 

Football season is upon us. Brush up on your knowledge. 

These dresses (1 | 2). Bowtastic. 

Sad I'm missing Halloween back in the states. But if I wasn't this would definitely be my costume. 

My love for flamingos never ends. 




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