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As you read this right now I’m probably riding on the back of a vespa with my Paulo and singing “This is what dreams are made of” in front of thousands of people with my Italian look alike.

Okay, jk but I am headed to Rome this weekend! I’m so excited to be back in a city filled with so much history. When I went back in May I really did not expect to love it as much as I did. I loved the architecture and the vibe of the city. It’s fascinating to me how many ruins are in such a small area! I actually wrote a paper for my class back in May comparing Rome to lasagna and how it’s chalked full of so many layers of history.  

There’s no doubt that I’ll be eating my heart out in Gelato and Pizza this weekend and hopefully find some warmer weather than here in northern Italy! I’ll be sure to put pictures up next week up until there here’s a recap from my trip to Venice + Burano,Santorini, Florence, Pisa, and Cinque Terre!

Slight obsession currently with chunky sweaters right now

If you're going to make me workout I would like to do it in Tory Burch

This new Barbie commercial is the coolest. 

Feel out of the loop completely here in Italy but I hear this TV show is all the new rage. Thoughts? I'm really loving the fun outfits though!

I wouldn't mind getting my wedding dress designed by my fav designer. (cough cough Lilly or Kate

Currently on repeat

Useful to know for all my fellow cake lovers.

In my next life I will be a ballerina. 9 months pregnant and still twirling





  1. Can't wait to see your pictures from Rome! I loved the pregnant ballerina story!


  2. "Knees up, like a unicorn!" I love that Barbie commercial!
    - Ruth S. | www.reallytrulyruth.com