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SaturYAY, for real. It’s been a long and exhausting week to say the least. It was packed full of presentations, projects, and papers. I felt extremely overwhelmed and a tear or two may have been shed. It’s not looking like my load is going to get any lighter in these next few weeks either. Going away every weekend is great, but it also makes the weekdays that much harder because I don’t have Saturday and Sunday to get caught up. Luckily, the weekends are a blast so it’s all worth it. To make it all work, it’s all about balance.  I’m learning to relax a bit more and trying to accept that not doing everything on my list might not actually kill me.

On Monday, we went to a local pizzeria and learned how to make pizza the Italian way! We each got to make our own and it was delicious! It was a nice break from our dining hall food and who could ever turn down a pizza like that!

This weekend, instead of going with a big group, my good friend Kayla and I (you’ve probably seen her before so many times on my blog and insta!) are taking a trip just the two of us! We’ve been friends since the first day of classes freshman year and it’s been so much fun having her to galavant all over Europe with. We flew to Barcelona last night and are spending a quick weekend here! I’m sure you’ll see pictures up on the blog soon!

I’m also excited because starting this Friday we go on Fall break! We get a week to travel and I’m so exited to hit 3 cities in 3 different countries! Any guesses?

The best maid of honor speech. ever.

You better not be lying to me. Way to too excited.

Kate Spade furniture?! For my future NYC apt please and thank you.

Kate Spade is killing it. Set to release a new line of active wear too?!

You can now watch this documentary on Amazon! Dying to watch it! 

Do I listen to Taylor Swift 1989 on repeat? Maybe. Hear about her song writing secrets!

These dresses are what dreams are made of. 

Wishlist this week: 
This hat is everything, adorable just for fun phone charger, if I didn't already have a 2016 planner this would be it for sure, and I don't own any rompers...but this one is tempting. 




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