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Two weeks ago, we had the entire week off to travel! It came at the perfect time, and I was excited to hit some of my favorite cities. We had 9 days planned out and on our itinerary was Paris, London, and Portugal!

Although I had just spent the entire summer in Paris, I was anxious to get back to my favorite city and show my friend Kayla the magic of Paris! The city never ceases to amaze me with it’s sheer beauty, and I think I could spend months there without getting bored. Every corner takes my breath away, and the sight of seeing the Eiffel tower sparkle at night truly never gets old.

We hit a lot of the super touristy spots since Kayla had never been before, but I was also able to show her some of my favorite places off the beaten path! The city (especially the stores!!) had started decorating for Christmas and the cold weather really got me excited for the Holiday season! It was cool to see the city in the peak of fall while all the leaves were the perfect fall shades and the morning air just crisp enough!

First stop was my favorite place to grab a quick and easy meal with a perfect view of the city! It was a little foggy that morning, but by the time we finished our croissants, it had cleared up enough so that we could see the Eiffel Tower!

A stop on the way to the Louvre in Galleries Lafayette was a must. The decorations were stunning and it was like walking into heaven. Across from the Louvre is Palais Royal, one of my favorite little spots in Paris!

We spent a few hours wandering the Louvre and hitting the hot spots and then there was a mission for some ice cream! We ended up in the Tuileries Gardens relaxing for a bit while playing in the leaves and eating a large cone of Gelato. (and playing in the leaves) 

Later that night, we made our way to see the Eiffel Tower up close and personal and hung out there while we did a whole lot of people watching!

The next day a stop at Laduree was in order for Kayla’s first macaroon experience! In case you’re wondering…the chocolate was her favorite! We also made our way to the Luxembourg gardens, which I had only been to once before briefly, and it was absolutely gorgeous with all the fall colors. I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

Oh and then we had a small photoshoot in the leaves before we were told by security that we weren’t allowed to step on the grass…..whoops!

Oh and somewhere along the way we bought a beret as a joke….sorta. Our heads were cold and we decided we would take turns pretending to be French! In case we hadn’t already gotten enough pictures with the Eiffel Tower we had to make sure we had just a few more….

Oh and it was here where we decided to crack open the box of macaroons for their taste test. It only seemed appropriate that we did it in front of the Eiffel tower! I made sure to capture Kayla’s first experience on camera so she could cherish this moment forever.

Kayla also managed to capture this moment of me when I tried the Rose flavored one…..wasn’t my favorite!!

The Arc de Triomphe was our last stop! We climbed it at night to get a glimpse of the tower sparkling one last time! Tell me that’s not magical….

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I hope everyone has a day filled with turkey, pie, family and friends! This is my first year not being with my family for Thanksgiving and while I'm so thankful to have had this opportunity to study abroad I'm missing them terribly today! 

We have a long weekend so I am headed to Germany today to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of our dear family friends we met when living in Germany (who still live there!). I'm so excited to have a little piece of home and to be celebrating the holiday with such great friends. 

This is my last big trip and in a little more than a week I'll be boarding a plane to come back to America!....Crazy right?! First I must focus on 5 finals standing in my way next week though...

Happy Thanksgiving to all you. Thanks for always reading and all the sweet comments. 

Sending lots of love from Italy!






I’m back, back, back again!

I’ve totally been a bad blogger lately. I have been knee deep in school work and then last week we had our week long travel week. While 10 days of gallivanting around Europe is so liberating, it’s also absolutely exhausting. Moving from city to city, unpacking, repacking, and touring 3 cities, in 3 different countries in that short amount of time can be so draining (but so much fun!).

While my workload here definitely isn’t as heavy when I’m back at Furman, it’s also crammed into a shorter time period. It seems as though I have multiple papers, projects, and presentations due every week, and the next thing I know I’m behind on blog posts, emails, and sleep! Unfortunately, that means that Prep Avenue ends up getting pushed down the to-do list.

While I would love to be able to consistently post 3+ days a week, sometimes it’s just not realistic. I always end up juggling too many plates and most of the time one has got to give. Instead of being hard on myself for not making time for my blog, I have to understand my priorities. I’m a 20 year old college student and right now my school work will always come before my blog. I started my blog for myself as a creative outlet during a rough time in high school, and I need to remind myself of that when I feel guilty about not posting. It’s been so fun to reflect on all my study abroad adventures here and I want to continue to do so I can look back at these years down the road!

Now if we rewind to the weekend before my travel week, I headed to Barcelona! I had been to Barcelona once before when I was younger, but I was excited to go back and get more time to explore the city!

While I’ve had some interesting experiences in hostels while being over here,  this one was unique and super cool! I had a great experience!

I went with my friend Kayla (seen in most of my study abroad pictures!) and we got in late Friday night and spent that night exploring the area where our hostel was located and getting dinner! We window shopped in all the designer stores and picked out all of our favorite items.

We woke up early Saturday morning ready to hit the road hard and to hit almost all the major sites in in one day! We walked over 13 miles that day (God bless my riding boots), while singing cheetah girls most of the way! We had perfect weather, which made the day even better!

Recognize this place? This is where the cheetah girls ran down the steps! So of course this was the first place we visited.

After exploring a food market and getting a quick lunch, we stumbled upon beautiful gardens and decided we must rent a paddle boat and recreate our favorite notebook scene. Everyone else in the pond was making fun of our lack of paddling skills the entire time and we couldn’t stop cracking up at how terrible we were. Aside from our terrible paddling skills, it was a beautiful setting and probably one of my favorite things we did on the trip!

We slowly made our way back to the northern section of the city and of course made a stop to visit La Sagrada Familia. Look how cool this article is I found after our visit. I guess I’m just going to have to go back!

One of our last big stops of the day was Park G├╝ell. While it was a long hike up there, it was definitely worth the view. The architecture is breath taking and the bright colors had me in love. 

We left Sunday morning to head back to school. While it was a quick trip, it was still a nice break from campus and such a cool city to experience! This weekend I'm headed to Slovenia so be on the lookout for pictures!