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Warning: I'm totally playing catch up with the next three posts. I never got around to doing recaps on these trips because these things called finals hit, and hit hard, so now that I'm home and have 0 homework (!!!) I'm finally getting around to them!

The second stop on our week long break was London (first stop)! I had been to London when I was in 5th grade, but hadn’t been back since. We have two great friends who are studying abroad in London, so it was great to have our own private tour guides (shout out to Ellie and Elise!).

We fit a lot in in a little amount of time, because we were determined to make it to all the major landmarks in the 2 ½ days there! We took the train from Paris to London which was so easy and we got to go through the chunnel! I was so excited, but I think it ended up being a lot cooler in my head…

It was also so nice to hear English again! It made me feel a little closer to home, and it was great not having to worry about a language barrier!

Although the weather was kinda of rainy and cold the whole time we were there, we decided to just embrace it and bundle up!

And what would a trip to London be without a picture in a phone booth….?

Even though I hate hate hate ferris wheels, I was somehow convinced (forced) to ride the London eye. I sat down in the middle the entire time because I was freaking out for most of it, but I was forced to stand up for this picture, but I can promise you I was right back on the bench immediately after this picture was taken.

I had always dreamed of having high tea in London so we made a reservation here (highly suggest it!) and sipped tea and ate biscuits. Everything is pink and it was basically my heaven.

Right before we headed to the airport we squeezed in a trip to Notting Hill and Abbey Road. Notting Hill was ADORABLE and all the houses were painted so brightly. This pink and blue one was definitely one of my favorites.

And you have no ideas how many times it took to capture this picture perfect. There’s more traffic than it looks, so it took a whole lot of patience. But I finally have my Abbey Road pic!

 London was a blast and 2 ½ days there was not enough! Luckily, after all the rain and cold weather in London we were flying to our last stop of the week, LISBON, which was a lot warmer and sunnier.

Stay tuned to see pictures from Portugal!





  1. Welcome back to NC, Shannon! London looks gorgeous and it seems like you had a ton of fun during your semester abroad!


  2. Glad you had a good visit! I did the exact same thing on the London Eye. My friend was visiting from the States and he was running all over the pod taking photos and I was sitting on the bench, staring at my shoes!

  3. I love reading these! London looks gorgeous and I hope to visit there sometime in the future!
    XO Alyson |mylifeasalyson.blogspot.com