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Slovenia was definitely not on my list of places I wanted to visit when we were trying to figure out where we wanted to travel during our semester. A huge group of kids form our school in Italy were going for the weekend so Kayla and I decided to tag along.

It was nice because we are only about 3 hours from the capital, Lubijana so we were able to take a bus. While it is someplace I never thought I would end up, it was actually one of my favorite weekends to date.

The city was unlike a lot of other European cities and rather small. Five of us stayed at a small airbnb right in the center of the city so we were able to walk everywhere we wanted! After 2 months of going nonstop every weekend  and trying to squeeze in every major landmark in every city, we had a  more casual weekend here. We slept in and spent most of our time wandering around the city or eating mini pancakes from a little food truck I discovered (or crepes!).

It was just chilly enough that it felt like fall but not too cold to where it was miserable. We took a boat ride though the city and also toured the castle.

All in all while it was a weekend filled with many laughs and a offered us a good break before we dove into our last full week of classes!




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