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Stocking Stuffers

I always giggle when I glance over at our stockings hanging from the mantle. My mom bought mine and my middle brother, Nick's from a craft fair when we were both really young. They have our names embroidered at the top and they look very similar with the small exception that mine is blue and Nick's is green. 

Well you see when my youngest brother Christopher was born, he needed a stocking. The lady who made Nick and I's was unfortunately not making them anymore so Christopher's got a random one that looks very mismatched and out of place. I joke with him that it's a sign he doesn't belong but it's now become a staple Christmas decoration in our house. The mismatched stocking.

In our house we write Santa a note every year requesting that he hides our stockings (we bribe him with extra cookies). And every year they ironically they get increasingly harder and harder to find. It becomes a hunt every year who can find their first. It makes a fun way to start the morning! 

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  1. Your graphic is adorable! What app did you use to make it?

    XO, Brooke