Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chase Grace | New Phone Background

Chase grace.

My new life motto. My new favorite phrase.

If I were to get a tattoo (don’t worry mom, I’m not even considering it) I would probably get this simple, yet perfect little phrase.

Since I was a little girl, my parents have always had two embarrassing nicknames. Bean and Grace. “Wow Grace” you might thing to yourself, that’s so pretty! Don’t get ahead of yourself, my dad came up with the nickname to make fun of my klutzy habits and to make fun of me because I was everything but graceful.

Whenever I spill something, trip over myself, or make a fool of myself I am fulfilling my nickname of grace.

But as I’ve gotten older, I don’t mind the nickname as much. It’s now one of my all time favorite words. There are so many words out that girls strive to embody like flawless, perfection, pure but I think the only word we should strive to achieve is grace.

The word Grace can mean so many different things to so many different people, but my definition is doing all things with poise, charm, and kindness. In my world, the word grace embodies all of those elements.

Taking the time to do simple actions to simply be kind to one another really makes all the difference. Whether it’s tipping a little more that you usually would, sharing a smile with someone on a street corner, or taking the extra second to hold the door for someone, chasing grace is always the right thing to do.

So with all things in life, Chase Grace.

I’ve created these fun phone background to serve as a constant reminder. Plus I probably look at the background of my phone more often than I would ever look at a tattoo.

Iphone 6

Iphone 6 plus

How to: // Open this page on your phone and save the picture to your gallery and then set it as your background!

Tweet me or snap me (shannon.hessen) pictures if you set it as your background!




Monday, September 28, 2015


I’m seriously not kidding when I say I could spend an entire day flipping through coffee table books and old magazines.

My love for typography simply knows no ends. When I grow up I am going to need multiple coffee tables for the collection of coffee table books I aspire to have. I’m also protesting that we should rename “coffee tables” because I plan on using them to display my pretty books filled with gorgeous typography rather than use it to hold my coffee.

One of my favorite uses for pinterest is to look at all the typography. And if you ever need some inspiration, I highly suggest heading over to my “chitter chatter” board. It’s filled with fun sayings, all of which I could print out and hang on my wall. Making a real life Pinterest board. #inmydreams

I learned early on blogging that the default fonts that come on a computer were simply not going to work for me. Can you blame me? Well here are my current favorites that you can download, for free (any college kid’s favorite word).

Which one is your favorite?




Saturday, September 26, 2015


Happy happy Saturday!

I can’t believe I’ve been here in Italy for almost 2 weeks already! We’ve had tons of leadership training and orientation sessions so I’m anxious to fall into a schedule and have things settle down a bit.  It’s getting a little chillier everyday and I love being able to watch all the trees starting to change color!

I’m in the base of the Alps in Northern Italy (a little north of Venice!) so that chilly mountain air is quickly approaching! Although I’m sad I won’t be there for some of my favorite fall traditions (carving pumpkins, handing out candy, and eating way too many of those candy corn pumpkins) I guess gallivanting around Europe doesn’t suck either :)

This is our first free weekend here and we’re staying close and spending the weekend in Venice! Be sure to be following me to see pics (or follow me on snapchat: shannon.hessen)! Although I was just there in May, the views down the canals and gondola drivers everywhere never get old. I’m excited to get away from campus and do a bit of exploring!

Because how could this picture not make you happy?

Links to love:

These shoes are an absolute must. 

Thinking about Halloween early? 1, 2, 3 costume ideas that are too good not to share.

Adding all of these to my book list. 

Recap of Milan fashion week: Best street style and best looks!

Procrastinating? Watch these videos!

Have you seen J. Crew's newest looks from NYC fashion week?

What's on your radar right now??


Friday, September 25, 2015

Soaking Up the Sun

As we quickly see the warm weather fade away I’m cherishing every moment to wear my favorite summer dresses. I'm living pretty far north in Italy and I have a gorgeous view of the mountains right out my window! The cool mountain air makes it quite chilly at night and I can feel Fall approaching. 

Spending time on the lake during the summer is one of my all time favorite things. I was so sad that I was going to be gone for so much of the summer and miss out on so many boat outings with my family. Luckily,  I still had all of August to soak up the hot Carolina sun on lake Jordan.

I saw this tunic dress on the racks at our local Vineyard Vines store and because I’m such a sucker for white and blue, I knew it had to be mine. I waited until it went on sale and then I decided it was justified to buy it. Summer in the south starts early and ends late so it’s more than just a 2 month piece for me.

Soak up every last bit of that summer sun!




Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall To Do List


Pumpkin spice lattes, frolicking through the pumpkin fields, and bundling up in layers I am happy to welcome Fall with open arms.

In my opinion Fall comes with some real pluses and minuses.

Plus: It means Christmas is getting closer
Minus: Homework and reality has returned
Plus: I can finally wear grey again and not worrying about sweating (Carolina’s in the summers aren’t exactly glamorous)
Minus: The cotton candy blizzard at Dairy Queen is taken off the menu as well as my happiness.

With all the great things that come with fall to be honest it’s not my favorite season. I’m much more of a spring girl if I do say so myself. I am a lover of pastel colors, seersucker, and scallops and a plethora of sun dresses. All of which, are hard to pull off in the fall.

I’ve officially been in Italy for a little more than a week so while everyone else is a few weeks into classes I’m only just beginning my fall semester. I have a great view of the alps out of window and I wouldn’t want to spend my Fall anywhere else. However, if I was spending it back in the states these are the things I would spend my fall doing.   

What's on your Fall to do list?





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