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Bid Day

One of my absolute favorite days of the semester is always bid day, and not just because I get to layer on the glitter and wear a tutu (okay well partially). It's a full day of fun starting early in the morning when we find out all the girls in our new pledge class to late into the night skating and dancing with all my favorite people. 

Nothing compares to seeing the happiness on the girl's faces when they run into our arms and we welcome them home. Sororities are definitely not for everyone, but I have absolutely loved my experience in Tridelt. I have met some of my best friends and found amazing upper classmen to serve as my mentors. It's something you can't explain from the inside and hard to see from the outside.

Welcoming the new pledge class home was oh so exciting. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was opening my bid and celebrating on bid day as a freshman. Now it's been 2 years and it's still just as exciting as the day I joined tridelta! 

My sweet sweet little and I Mary anxiously awaiting the new pledge class!

My fabulous sassy family! Can't wait to add 4 new babies in just a few short days!

Just the coolest identical twins who both went tridelt! Welcome home!

After taking what feels like thousands of pictures we headed to a skating rink to eat dinner, dance, skate, and celebrate the new members! 

Did I mention how much I LOVE skating?!

I made this fun video of the day!!

I would relive that day over and over. Now if only I can get all the glitter off of everywhere!




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