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Life Lately Through Pictures + Exciting News!

 Life lately…….

Has been busy, exciting, overwhelming, and any synonym of those words.
Classes have really picked up and last week I was running around campus like crazy while trying to study for 3 tests and fit in an infinite amount of meetings. I thought it would be a bit more fun to show you my life lately through my iphone pictures! If you ever wonder what I do on a daily basis (usually it goes something like class, meetings, homework, meetings, study, bed) you can follow me on snapchat! (Shannon.hessen)

We had a snow day a few weeks ago. It was a much needed day off spent frolicking in the snow with some of my favorite Furman people. We got way more snow than we expected so it was fun to be able to make snow angels and snowmen! Now if only we could get another snow day sometime soon that would be great....

My good friend Chandler and I went and saw Matilda downtown! It's one of my all time favorite broadway shows so I think my heart melted a bit when he asked me to go with him! We had a blast dressing up and being fancy for the night! 

I've always been a big sports person and I've always loved watching basketball! I was even the manager of my high school team! Furman's team has been dong awesome lately so I've been squeezing in as many games as possible! 

My little got a little! I swear it feels like yesterday I was becoming a big and welcoming Mary into the family. Well now, I'm officially a grandma! We are so excited to welcome Rebecca and can't wait for so many fam adventures! 

I became Panhellenic President! What does this mean you may ask? 

Well Panhellenic is the governing body over all sororities on campus. It's a huge role and I was so honored to be selected to represent all the Greek women on Furman's campus. It was a hard decision to go for a position outside of my chapter, but I really wanted to push myself into doing something different and I love getting to know new people. This role will allow me to work with girls from all the sororities on campus and help plan and execute the recruitment process for the incoming freshman next year and help them find their home! 

While I'm nervous to take on such a big role, I'm excited to see what I learn and how I can grow as a leader from this experience. 

Emory had his semi-formal this past Friday in downtown Greenville! After an extremely stressful week, nothing compares to dancing the night away with all your favorite people! It was also the day before Valentine's day so it was the perfect excuse to wear a red dress (and it had a big bow on the back!).

This weekend we have my winter function. It's theme is Dynamic Duos so stay tuned what we dress up as!  

This past Saturday morning my apartment hosted a Valentine's Day brunch for my sorority. We decorated everything pink and all had a blast eating way too many donuts and cinnamon rolls. I honestly can't think of a better way to kick off a Saturday!

On Valentine's Day, after Church, Emory surprised me and took me to the Zoo! Although it was 27 degrees we had a blast wandering around looking at all the animals. By the time we got back to the car it took a solid 10 minutes for my toes and fingers to defrost, but it was so worth it. I have been wanting to go to the Greenville Zoo so I'm glad I got to finally cross it off my Furman bucket list. 





  1. Love seeing peeks of your life at Furman and in Tri Delta! Congrats on PanHell president, that's awesome Shannon!


  2. Are you dating that tall, attractive man?

  3. Congrats on Panhel pres lovebug!


  4. Such an action packed week! Those big little shirts are adorable, where'd y'all get them from? Congrats on Panhellenic President!


    1. We got them off of Etsy! Here is the link if you're interested: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1100959945