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Spring Break 2016

*This post is a little past due, butttt better late than never right?*

This year was the first year I felt like a real college student on Spring break. Freshman year, I went to NYC with my mom for part and spent the second half at home. Sophomore year, I decided to spend the week catching up on sleep and spending time with family since I would be gone all summer in Italy and Paris and then all of Fall semester in Italy. 

However, this year I went with a group of friends for part of the week to Destin, FL and then for the second part we drove down to Emory's house in West Palm Beach so he could show me around his hometown and we could spend time with his family!

We made the 8-hour drive down to Destin early Saturday morning and ended up taking many twisty and rural backroads. Even though the drive was long, luckily it was an absolutely perfect sunny day so we were able to drive part of the way with the windows down blasting the country music.

There was a total of 9 of us that came and we spent most of the days lounging on the beach with a mix in of Putt Putt runs, a little bit of shopping, and of course, lots of eating!

Before dinner one of the nights we decided to take sunset pictures on the beach!

The girls! (we forgot to get a big group picture with all the boys too...whoops!)

Tuesday afternoon/nightish we headed out and made another 8 hour drive to south Florida to West Palm! First thing Wednesday morning Emory transformed into the best Palm Beach tour guide ever. Luckily, Emory knows me pretty well and started off the first day with brunch at The Breakers. 

^^ Posing with his 3rd plate of food!

After brunch we took advantage of the perfect weather to wander/explore The Breakers so I could snap a million pictures. 

One of the rare photos taken with Emory that I'm not on my tip toes...

I could have sat there all day!

I wasn't kidding when I said perfect weather.

And what's Palm Beach without shopping on Worth Ave? Luckily, Emory is very patient and allowed me to go into every store I set my eye on :) 

Sounds silly but the thing I was most looking forward to was bike riding! I was dying over all the picture perfect houses and stopped way too many times to take pictures of all of them. 

On our last day in Paradise we headed out to Peanut Island on Emory's boat with his family! We did a little snorkeling and relaxed in the sun before making the 10 hour turned 12 hour drive back on Sunday to Furman. 

Definitely a great Spring Break! 





  1. Looks like y'all had such a fun time on Spring Break! The Breakers looks so pretty!


  2. These pictures look GORGEOUS! It looks like you had a fantastic time!
    Rebecca xo