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Brown Leather Sandals

I'm back, back, back again!

School is over and this means I actually have a few seconds of free time to catch my breath and get back into blogging! Hooray! I'm going to post some more posts to update you on the last few weeks of my semester, as well as my summer plans (!!) so be on the lookout for that!

Brown leather sandals seem to be "The Summer Shoe" this year. And I'm definitely not complaining. Brown has always been my neutral of choice and brown sandals have always been a summer staple in my wardrobe (I've gone through 2 of these pairs). 

Last Summer while living in Paris, this pair of brown sandals were worn almost every day. I was on my second pair of my trusty, strappy brown sandals when I was walking down a Parisian street to meet a friend for dinner and my shoe completely broke! Right in the middle of the street! Luckily, there was a Forever 21 right across the street so I was able to go in and buy a super cheap pair of sandals so I had shoes to wear that night! 

*that's how much I wear brown sandals. Wore them right down to the breaking point!*  
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I got these Madewell ones last week and have already worn them multiple times. I also have my eye on the Tory Burch pair ;) 





  1. So glad to have you back, and I can't wait to hear more about your future plans! I'm also a sucker for brown leather sandals--I get a new pair almost every year!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

  2. Love these picks! I love brown leather sandals because they're so versatile, they literally match with everything!
    Rebecca xo

  3. I like the idea of wearing pointed bellies and attractive looking wedges while going out for parties, but I don’t feel comfortable in them. Nothing feels as stylish and comfortable to me as Greek sandals, and I can wear them in routine.

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