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I had a great first week at my internship! There are 6 other interns and we all get along great! Luckily we're all around the same age and it's fun to work with great girls who are interested in the same things as me!

I work 9-5 every day which is definitely an adjustment from 3 hours of class a day. I got really lucky and it only takes me about 20 minutes to get to work on the subway. I have decided that by the end of the summer I'm going know my way around the subway better than I know my way around a J. Crew store! I come home most days exhausted and it takes everything in me not to climb into bed and watch netflix! I'm going to try (we'll see how it works) to go to the gym every (okay most) day after work. 

On another note, I'm really looking forward to my upcoming 2 months here in this city! Let me know if you have any favorite spots in New York because I would love to hear them!

Did you hear the exciting news?! I went to the Madison Ave shop after work so I could see what products they had in the new pattern! I may or may not have bought one or two things...

These shoes could not be more perfect.

Absolutely head over heels in love with this house / castle

Did you catch what I wore on my first day of work?

I may not be getting married any time soon but I love this playlist!

Did you hear about this new google gadget? I have it and love it!





  1. I am so jealous that you already have seen You Gotta Regatta- I'm counting down the days until I can find it in my local Lilly!


  2. Can't believe you already got You Gotta Regatta! I can't wait until it's available in my store! What all did you get and what styles does the print come in?

    XO, Brooke

  3. Your first day of work outfit was so cute! I'm also so excited about You Gotta Regatta! It's my favorite print and can't wait until it's available online.

    Jenni // The Beautiful Fool