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If this picture doesn't make you happy I don't know what will.

Happy happy Friday! It's been a crazy week and I'm really looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. Spring and summer weather is by far my favorite time of year because I feel like I can actually enjoy the outdoors (plus I love sundresses)! I don't really mind the heat with the exception of when I have to commute to work on the unairconditioned subway. Other than that, I'm a born and raised North Carolina girl who is pretty good at dealing with high summer temperatures. 

THIS DRESS. I saw it online and may or may not have run to Madewell to pick it up.

See inside Taylor Swifts current apt!

Anna Wintour and Amy Schumer switch jobs for the day? See what happens!

I'm sure you heard the news....?

Apple's new messaging system? SO COOL RIGHT?!

Fun fact: One of my all time fav movies is Father of the Bride (I and II!) The house in the movie is for sale! Can someone buy it PLZ so I can come visit??

Forever 21 has buy one get one on select shoes this weekend! Go crazy!

Happy happy weekend!

Don't forget,



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