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This week has flown by. I'm still confused that it's already Friday (not that I'm complaining or anything)!

Working full time and then filling most of my time after work really makes the work week fly by. I had a lot of work to catch up on this week (emails mostly) but still managed to do a few fun things after work. I also dragged myself to a gym a few times.....no matter how many of hundreds of times I've worked out I don't think it will ever ever be fun.

Anyways, my favorite thing I crossed off my NYC bucket list this weekend was walking the Brooklyn Bridge! It's super super close to my dorm so I met up with 2 friends from school and we walked it at sunset! 

Highly recommend. What was even better was that we went on a weekday night so it wasn't filled with many tourists and it was super easy to take pictures!

This weekend I'm pumped because my boyfriend Emory is coming to visit me! We're going to do all the touristy fun activities and I'm going to show him around a bit. I'm so excited to have him here and can't wait for our NYC adventure. So if you have any recommendations let me know! 

Saw this top and it was love at first sight.

We went to this place this week and it was so cool (and yummy!). 

Love keeping up with Kelly's journey! Can't wait for her baby to arrive!

I believe it. I'd take advice from her. 





  1. All of your New York pictures make me miss the city! The Brooklyn Bridge looks so fun!


  2. You look gorgeous in these photos! I love your hair; what did you use to get those curls?

    Emma // thebeautyingenue.com

    1. I use a straightener to curl my hair! The curls hold for so much longer then!