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Lilly Wrap Dress

My little brother Nick had his graduation was a few weeks ago. We had tons of family and friends come into town from all over to be there to celebrate with him! One special guest who came was Ms. Ellen aka my second mom!

Ms. Ellen has always acted as my back up mom so to say. Our families have known each other for generations and I grew up alongside Ms. Ellen's daughters. There's truly not a time in my life that I remember Ms. Ellen not being in my life. I stayed with her when my parents went to go adopt Nick from Russia and me and her two daughters even had the chicken pox together! We go way back... 

Me, Mckinna, and Alexa (her two daughters!) on the first day of school!

Mckinna and I grew up living right down the street together from when I was about 6 months old all the way until mid elementary school. We were attached at the hip. 


While waiting for our table at lunch after the graduation festivities Ms. Ellen and I decided to play around with my new lens. She was wearing an adorable new Lilly dress and we had too much fun messing around with the camera. 

But seriously how adorable does that Lilly wrap look on her?! 

Makes me want to buy it!




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