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My First Day!

 I had my first day at my internship yesterday! I'm working at a fashion PR firm in manhattan for 2 months. It will definitely be a lot different than last summer, but I think I'll learn a lot and I'm also excited to be a little closer to family (and not to mention in a city where they speak English!). 

My mom and I flew up on Sunday, after spending an exciting weekend celebrating my little brother's graduation. She helped me get settled in the dorm where I'll be staying but unfortunately she flies home today. Luckily I'll stay busy working and I have a feeling I'll spend a lot of time exploring the city (aka shopping). 
The dress at my office is pretty casual but still nice. On the first day of all of my internships, I always dress a little dressier just to be safe. Way better to be over dressed than under! Plus it never hurts to make a great first impression by looking presentable. 

I went with this white dress (only $70) that was perfectly professional with a little fun added by the open back. My Tory Burch sandals (on sale!!) are super comfortable and can make it through long days without giving me blisters. 

Dress (only $70!) | Shoes (on sale!)  | Watch | Tote (Similar)




  1. I hope you have an awesome time at your internship! This outfit is so, so cute!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. This internship sounds so exciting! Having an internship is one thing, but in Manhattan?! What an experience!

  3. Your internship sounds so amazing- I'm jealous you're spending the summer in the city! Your outfit is so cute too!


  4. I would love to know what you carry around in your tote! I have an internship close to my home in Indianapolis and carry around a tote bag similar to the one you have (when I'm at school it's my back pack) but it's mostly empty!! I have no idea what to carry around....

  5. I love your outfit! Have fun at your internship! Jess at Just Jess