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Summer Sundresses

A good summer sundress is like a carton of your favorite ice cream. Essential for the summer time, keeps you cool in the hot summer sun, although most during summer months, both can used year-round, and most importantly, both ice cream and your sundresses are always my go tos.  

I live in dresses in the summer. It's such a bonus because not only do they immediately make you look more put together, but they keep you cooler and they're easier to throw on than an outfit with shorts and a shirt. This year there are so many dresses that I have my eye on. 

Which are your favorites?! I try to tell my mom that these purchases are an investment in my future since I'm not growing anymore.....but I think I'm going to need a new excuse soon in order to continue expanding my sundress wardrobe! 

I'll take all of them please....

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

What summer sundresses are you loving this year? 




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  1. 8 and 9 are to die for! I have been looking for a ton more dresses for the summer because it's been so hot where I live and for some reason that is all I want to wear.
    XO Alyson | mylifeasalyson.blogspot.com