Friday, July 29, 2016


Today is my last day at work! I'm excited to head home and see all my friends and family and have a quick 2 week break at home before heading back to the chaos of school. I'm so thankful for the opportunity I had in NYC but I'm definitely ready to be back in the land of sweet tea and biscuits. New York city has its positives (and negatives, but more on this later) but as Dorothy always said, there's no place like home.

A picture of me at my internship in the showroom!

Um did anyone else see the news about Gilmore Girls? I may have watched the trailer like 20 times.

Barbour and Wedgewood are collaborating! So so so excited!

Speaking of Barbour, these two jackets are both (1 & 2) on sale right now! Swoon. 

I'm a sucker for a cute engagement story.

Such a sweet little story.


Dying for this shirt.




Thursday, July 28, 2016

Apartment Dreaming

With adulthood (aka the end of college) approaching very very fast, okay fine I still have a full year, I'm dreaming of my own little post-grad apartment to decorate. Although I'm not really sure where I'll be come August of next year, it's still fun to think about decorating my own place! 

Obviously, in this dream apartment there was no price limit which isn't exactly realistic, but a girl can dream right?! Whether I'll be living in an apartment for grad school or living in a city for a job, it's exciting and scary at the thought of being on your own!  So take a little step into my dream and see how I envision my dream apartment!




Wednesday, July 27, 2016

More Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

It really is like Christmas in July when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts. All the best pieces from upcoming Fall collections on sale before the season even begins! What more could you want?!

Everyone mostly thinks of just clothing when they think of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but there are so many other products that are included in the sale that are a steal! I ordered this dress (it's a little bit outside of my comfort zone!) and had it sent home so I haven't seen it yet but with free shipping and free returns I figured it was worth a try! 

Unfortunately, there is no Nordstrom in the city or else I would be running there. The prices go back up on August 8th so be sure to buy that dress that you've had your eye on before then!

See my other picks from the sale here!

What's your favorite item that's included in the sale this year?




Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Workin' Woman

Working this summer and last summer 9-5 has really opened my eyes about what it's like to be a part of the working world. It's such a different pace than waking up every morning, throwing on norts and a t-shirt and going to class all day. I'm not sure if you can compare the two really. 

What I love about school is that every day is different. You're really not in class for that many hours and you have a lot of your day free to do whatever (even if it's usually spent doing homework). But what's great about working every day is that when the clock strikes 5 every day, I'm done. I can go back to my room and don't have to worry about staying up until 1 o'clock in the morning doing homework. I love that my weekends truly are breaks. I don't have to worry about spending all day Sunday preparing for the next week. Definitely advantages to both and it's exciting that I could take either route after college!

Speaking of throwing on norts and a t-shirt, you can't exactly do that when you're working. With a limited wardrobe up here I've had to get creative with my outfits every day. This outfit was the perfect work outfit and nice and cool with the unbearable heat the last few days. 

skirt (old j.crew factory)  // shirt (old j.crew girls)  // purse (on sale!)
shoes (Vince Camuto) // sun glasses // watch




Monday, July 25, 2016


I headed up to Boston this weekend to go visit my going on 4-year college roommate Emilee! She lives a little bit out of the city so we made the trip into the city Saturday so we could have the whole day to explore. 

I have never been to Boston and I was anxious to get out of NYC, even it was just for a weekend! I was also pumped to see Emilee's hometown and for her to show me around and finally meet her horse! She's been to my house a million times since it's a lot closer to Furman (even if it is still 4 hours) so it was cool to finally see her roots.

Saturday we took the train into Boston and started off in the public gardens and then made our way to Newbury Street to do some shopping. From there we headed to little Italy for dinner, (SO YUMMY!) and then walked over to the Harbor.

Our goal was to take a great, new, professional Linked in picture for Emilee but we ended up just goofing around a lot :) 

How great is that picture of Emilee though?!

We stumbled upon this super cool wall of buoys. They were so color and I insisted that we take at least a picture in front of them. 

We were convinced that it was going to start down pouring on us any second. It was super super windy and dark for a few minutes and we were just anxiously awaiting the sky to open up and to get drenched on. But luckily the storm passed right over us and we didn't even get a drop! Thank goodness because I forgot my rain coat back in NYC...whoops. 

I'm so lucky to have such a great roommate and I can't imagine living with anyone else for my 4 years in college! If you can't tell, Emilee and I have super different styles (and personalities!), but I think that's what makes us such great friends and get along so well! We joke that we didn't think we would become great friends when we first met each other and instead just "live really well together." But instead we have become the best of friends and I can't imagine college without her! Can't wait for our last and hopefully best year yet living together! 

Overall I loved Boston! I love the size, the history, and how pretty it is! It felt so much cleaner and less intimidating than NYC which I really liked. Not sure I'd be crazy about the winters, but other than that I thought it was such a cool city that I definitely want to go back and visit again very soon!




Friday, July 22, 2016


It's been a long/crazy work week here on the island of Manhattan. I officially now have a week left and will be jet setting back to the south next weekend! I can't wait to give all my favorite people a big squeeze!

This week I'm taking a short trip to go visit my college roommate (of now 4 years!!) Emilee in Connecticut! I'm so excited to see her hometown, meet her horse, and take a day trip to Boston. I've never been to Boston so I'm excited to finally see a city I've heard so much about from my mom (she went to college in Boston!). So if you have any recommendations let me know!

Those rolls...too cute....

A lot going on this week so get ready....

Chip and JoAnna Gaines are launching a magazine! Swoon

Really really really debating buying this clutch...I need it right?

Did you catch my post about how to decorate the perfect dorm room?!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public today! (See my favorites here!)

Dreaming about this suitcase after seeing Mackenzie's post about it! 

This silly buzzfeed quiz was fun!

Two of my favorite things coming together! My obsession might get worse...

This little white swing dress is so cute and under $25!

Did you read about what I'm doing after graduation this week?




Thursday, July 21, 2016

How to Design a Dorm Room

Attempting to plan, decorate, and design a college dorm room that is the size of a cardboard box is no easy feat. You want to make your shoebox-sized room as homey as you can while making it practical and not going overboard. Often times you've never even seen this room in real life so how are you suppose to plan and design a room you've never even seen?! Luckily since most dorm rooms are so small, a lot goes a long way. 
I lived in a dorm my freshman and sophomore year. I loved it! Less to clean and I loved living on a hall with 30-40 other girls. I could walk down the hallway and automatically have 5 friends to go to dinner with or when you're having a wardrobe emergency, there's always someone else your size just a few doors down. 

I was excited junior year when it came time to live in an apartment and to have some more space, but I really was sad that I would miss the community feel of a hall. So in my opinion, dorms really don't deserve the bad rep they have. 

I did almost all of my planning and shopping for both of my dorm rooms the summer before. That way when it came time for move in, I had everything with me and there was no need for trips to target during the chaos of move-in (promise it will be chaos, it's unavoidable). 

It's normal to feel overwhelmed by this challenge to decorate a room you've never even seen, but luckily you can take it step by step to make the process a little easier. 

1. Pick Out Your Bedding: In most college dorm rooms, the bed takes up the most space, so it's your bedding that is really going to set the scene for the rest of the room. Once you pick the bedding that you love, plan all your other colors around that. I suggest picking a bedding that you really love because it could last you the next few years. I picked a white duvet the last 2 years, and although some people are hesitant about white, I've loved mine! I paired it with fun sheets that gave it a pop of color. 

I know in all the pretty Pinterest pictures you have matching bedding with your roommate. But don't think that it's necessary. My roommate and I have very different taste so we went with something different both years and it was not a big deal at all! I would also suggest getting something that's washable. Since your bed serves often times also as a couch in a dorm room, spills and accidents will happen. 
2. duvet + sheets (sheets I have in my room!)

2. Pick Your Throw Pillows: Since this tiny little room is now going to be your little home away from home you want to make it as comfy and cozy as possible. I love pillows and they can really add a pop of color. In my book, throw pillows are like can never have too many. 
one // two // three
four // five // six
ten // eleven // tweleve 

3. Pick Your Wall Art: Those ugly cinder block walls aren't exactly appealing to the eye and make your already small dorm room feel a little bit like a prison cell. Adding lots of fun wall art that matches your bedding and sheets can add a lot to the small space and make it feel more like a home and less like a cell. I did a fun gallery over my bed sophomore year and got compliments on it all the time! You could also hang some pictures over your desk! 

I suggest bringing more command hooks than you think you will need to hang everything up. Another thing I would suggest is thinking about the layout of your pictures before hand. If you want a gallery wall, lay them out at home and take a picture. That way on move in day you don't have to waste your time deciding what you want next to each other!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten

4. Pick Your Desk Accessories: Some people study more in the library rather than sitting at the desk in their room, but it's still nice to have your desk neat and organized with all your school supplies. I brought a hutch (like this one) every year to put on top of my desk to create more storage space. Keeping your desk organized can sometimes be challenging and often times in my dorm room it became more of a dumping ground for everything and anything, but I promise it is possible to keep it clean and neat!

See more of my dorm related posts here:

Good luck and transform that tiny, cold space into your humble abode! Tweet me or tag me in your dorm rooms (@prepavenue), I wanna see what you were able to do with your tiny space!




Wednesday, July 20, 2016

After Graduation............

Even typing that title overwhelms me. I feel like everyone's automatic question when they find out I'm a rising senior in college is "what are you doing after graduation?" It's almost like it's a scripted, yet still catches me off guard every time. Am I suppose to know what I'm doing a whole year from now?! It's only July! 

The answer is...I don't know yet. And I don't think it's a bad thing! I always envisioned myself getting a job right after graduation in a city like New York working some super cool job and having a great apartment all to myself and enjoying my 20s in the city! My friends and I even wrote letters to ourselves the last night of our freshman year to open the night before graduation and I vividly remember writing "I hope you have a super cool job in New York City". 

This summer has made me rethink those plans though. I've spent my entire life as a student, and it feels so extremely weird for it to all of a sudden end. What do you mean I have to work 9-5 every day? Wait I don't have to force myself to read anymore or wake up to go to class? It feels weird. 

I've never loved school. I've always loved the extracurriculars, being involved in a million different organizations, and the social part of school but the whole homework and class part was never really attractive to me. It's not that I'm bad at school either, it's just that school always stressed me out more than anything. To this day I still let stress (mostly school stress) rule my life and often times I feel like it consumes me. The majority of the pressure comes from within, but still. 

Although it stresses me out, it's familiar. I've gone to school my whole life! And while some may be itching to get out of it, it feels weird to just be done and jump right into the work world. 

I never really considered graduate programs....until early this year. I never gave it much thought but after taking more time to think about it the more I like the idea. Education is important to me and I would love to expand my education in something I'm passionate about! I'm not 100% sure where I would want to go or what I would want to get my masters in yet, but this summer has definitely given me time to do some extensive research on many different programs. 

Now this doesn't necessarily mean that this is the path I will for sure be taking next summer after graduation. Just simply another option that I, in no way, considered before. I'm sure I'll still apply for jobs and see what happens. If something amazing lands in my lap that I can't turn down then I would consider that path as well! 

While it's super stressful not knowing where you're going to be living and doing this time next year, in some ways it's fun. It makes me excited for this upcoming year to see what kind of opportunities arise for my future! 

I felt a similar feeling before senior year. Feeling weird that I had absolutely no idea where I would end up going to college. But this is even more extreme. I could end up at grad school, but I could also end up working! The options are endless! 

So if you're a rising senior, don't freak out if you don't know what you're doing after graduation yet. We have time. And even though it feels like the whole world is asking you what you'll be doing next May, we have lots of time to figure out the answer to that question. For now, I say we enjoy every minute of our senior year in college!




Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Loving & Lusting

Does anyone else keep a million tabs open with things you want to order and have fallen in love with? Well, these are the things I have open in tabs right now. So obsessed with all of them. Now if only I had a money tree growing in my backyard...

With summer unfortunately coming to a quicker end than I would like it to, I realize I probably need to stop falling in love with sandals and sundresses. But luckily, going to school full time in South Carolina, you can wear most of those things through at least September (gotta love the South!). 

I've done pretty well controlling myself while up here in NYC. With so much shopping it's tempting to pop into all kinds of stores every day and blow so much money so fast. But luckily by the time the end of the work day comes, I'm pretty exhausted and just want to head back to my dorm for dinner and typically a quick workout (and maybe some netflix too!). I only have about a week and a half left of my summer in NYC and I'm trying to soak it all up while I'm here. 

While I'm sad summer is coming to an end, I'm excited to have a few weeks at home before heading back to school. I miss my family, friends, and boyfriend and I can't wait to spend time with all of them before the stress of school takes over my life again. Until then, I'm soaking up every bit of sweet summertime!

purse (on sale!!) // top // necklace // sandals // clutch // dress // wedges

What are you loving and lusting over right now?




Monday, July 18, 2016

Red & White

Okay so I have a new little obsession....Club Monaco.

Their stores are beautiful and they have a few locations in the city. It's hard not to drop in everyday after work. It definitely tests my self restraint. 

When my mom came and visited we stopped in the Soho location and I tried on this dress and fell in love. The off the shoulder style is totally popular right now and I don't own much red so I was excited to add this dress to my wardrobe! It's perfect for a hot day in the city! 

dress // bag (on sale!) // shoes (on sale!) // necklace // watch // sun glasses




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