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After Graduation............

Even typing that title overwhelms me. I feel like everyone's automatic question when they find out I'm a rising senior in college is "what are you doing after graduation?" It's almost like it's a scripted, yet still catches me off guard every time. Am I suppose to know what I'm doing a whole year from now?! It's only July! 

The answer is...I don't know yet. And I don't think it's a bad thing! I always envisioned myself getting a job right after graduation in a city like New York working some super cool job and having a great apartment all to myself and enjoying my 20s in the city! My friends and I even wrote letters to ourselves the last night of our freshman year to open the night before graduation and I vividly remember writing "I hope you have a super cool job in New York City". 

This summer has made me rethink those plans though. I've spent my entire life as a student, and it feels so extremely weird for it to all of a sudden end. What do you mean I have to work 9-5 every day? Wait I don't have to force myself to read anymore or wake up to go to class? It feels weird. 

I've never loved school. I've always loved the extracurriculars, being involved in a million different organizations, and the social part of school but the whole homework and class part was never really attractive to me. It's not that I'm bad at school either, it's just that school always stressed me out more than anything. To this day I still let stress (mostly school stress) rule my life and often times I feel like it consumes me. The majority of the pressure comes from within, but still. 

Although it stresses me out, it's familiar. I've gone to school my whole life! And while some may be itching to get out of it, it feels weird to just be done and jump right into the work world. 

I never really considered graduate programs....until early this year. I never gave it much thought but after taking more time to think about it the more I like the idea. Education is important to me and I would love to expand my education in something I'm passionate about! I'm not 100% sure where I would want to go or what I would want to get my masters in yet, but this summer has definitely given me time to do some extensive research on many different programs. 

Now this doesn't necessarily mean that this is the path I will for sure be taking next summer after graduation. Just simply another option that I, in no way, considered before. I'm sure I'll still apply for jobs and see what happens. If something amazing lands in my lap that I can't turn down then I would consider that path as well! 

While it's super stressful not knowing where you're going to be living and doing this time next year, in some ways it's fun. It makes me excited for this upcoming year to see what kind of opportunities arise for my future! 

I felt a similar feeling before senior year. Feeling weird that I had absolutely no idea where I would end up going to college. But this is even more extreme. I could end up at grad school, but I could also end up working! The options are endless! 

So if you're a rising senior, don't freak out if you don't know what you're doing after graduation yet. We have time. And even though it feels like the whole world is asking you what you'll be doing next May, we have lots of time to figure out the answer to that question. For now, I say we enjoy every minute of our senior year in college!





  1. I can totally relate! I am a rising senior in college too and everyone is already asking about my plans for after graduation and I'm like I still have a year to figure that out! But, I also recently realized this time next year I won't be tied down to anything which is both terrifying and exciting!


  2. Good luck figuring everything out, Shannon- I know wherever you wind up it will be great!