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I headed up to Boston this weekend to go visit my going on 4-year college roommate Emilee! She lives a little bit out of the city so we made the trip into the city Saturday so we could have the whole day to explore. 

I have never been to Boston and I was anxious to get out of NYC, even it was just for a weekend! I was also pumped to see Emilee's hometown and for her to show me around and finally meet her horse! She's been to my house a million times since it's a lot closer to Furman (even if it is still 4 hours) so it was cool to finally see her roots.

Saturday we took the train into Boston and started off in the public gardens and then made our way to Newbury Street to do some shopping. From there we headed to little Italy for dinner, (SO YUMMY!) and then walked over to the Harbor.

Our goal was to take a great, new, professional Linked in picture for Emilee but we ended up just goofing around a lot :) 

How great is that picture of Emilee though?!

We stumbled upon this super cool wall of buoys. They were so color and I insisted that we take at least a picture in front of them. 

We were convinced that it was going to start down pouring on us any second. It was super super windy and dark for a few minutes and we were just anxiously awaiting the sky to open up and to get drenched on. But luckily the storm passed right over us and we didn't even get a drop! Thank goodness because I forgot my rain coat back in NYC...whoops. 

I'm so lucky to have such a great roommate and I can't imagine living with anyone else for my 4 years in college! If you can't tell, Emilee and I have super different styles (and personalities!), but I think that's what makes us such great friends and get along so well! We joke that we didn't think we would become great friends when we first met each other and instead just "live really well together." But instead we have become the best of friends and I can't imagine college without her! Can't wait for our last and hopefully best year yet living together! 

Overall I loved Boston! I love the size, the history, and how pretty it is! It felt so much cleaner and less intimidating than NYC which I really liked. Not sure I'd be crazy about the winters, but other than that I thought it was such a cool city that I definitely want to go back and visit again very soon!





  1. Looks like y'all had a blast! My uncle lives in Boston so my family and I visited a few years ago and loved it!


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  3. This looks like so much fun! I'm actually going to Boston for the first time next week. Do you have any recommendations?