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More Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

It really is like Christmas in July when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts. All the best pieces from upcoming Fall collections on sale before the season even begins! What more could you want?!

Everyone mostly thinks of just clothing when they think of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but there are so many other products that are included in the sale that are a steal! I ordered this dress (it's a little bit outside of my comfort zone!) and had it sent home so I haven't seen it yet but with free shipping and free returns I figured it was worth a try! 

Unfortunately, there is no Nordstrom in the city or else I would be running there. The prices go back up on August 8th so be sure to buy that dress that you've had your eye on before then!

See my other picks from the sale here!

What's your favorite item that's included in the sale this year?




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