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I am a photoholic....is that a thing? 

I have wayyyyyy too many photos on my phone and even though they're all still on my computer, I still get a little sentimental when I have to clear my phone to free up some more space. Does anyone else have this problem?! I like having them with me and being able to look at them whenever I want!!

While I may post a lot of photos on instagram, there are obviously a lot more photos (that may be a little more definitive of what my life actually looks like (w/o filters and editing) that don't make it on instagram. 

So, here's a little peek of the other recent photos that live in my phone right now that didn't make it on insta.

My mom and I (she was visiting for 4th of July weekend!) woke up early on 4th of July and headed to Brooklyn to get ourselves some of the internet famous rainbow bagels. We read all about how long the lines can get so we were a little nervous about the long wait we might have to endure. However, when we got there there was barley a line! 

As for taste, if you expect it to taste like plain bagel you're going to be disappointed. I'll just say I thought the taste was quite interesting..................they make for fun pictures though!

I live right near Brooklyn bridge, on the Manhattan side! It's so fun to be able to walk over it and it's one of my new favorite NYC activities! I would suggest walking it on a weekday night when there's a few less tourists (and it's a little cooler!). 

My mom and I decided to venture up to the top of the Empire State Building since we've both already been up to the Top of the Rock before. It didn't go exactly as we had hoped though. It was a gorgeous night with a phenomenal sunset. Although, because of this, everyone was crowded to one side of the building, pushing to get to the fence to get the best picture. Trapped in-between so many people pushing, 80 floors up was suddenly my worst nightmare. The next thing I know I lost all color in my face, got super dizzy and was on the verge of passing out and having a panic attack. So our stay at the top didn't exactly last long....I did manage to snap this picture though!

Pretty hydrangeas in a flower shop on the streets of NYC.

The most perfect little house spotted in the upper east side. 

Selfies with Suz!!! 

The most yummy ice cream sundaes in South Street Seaport!

My mom and I joined the rest of NYC to see the Macy's fireworks! There was so many people but once the 2 hour wait ended and the fireworks started, it was so worth it!!

 And now you've seen #whatdidn'tmaketheinsta




  1. Love these behind-the-scenes shots! Looks like you're having so much fun in NYC Shannon!


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