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FriYAY! (Olympic Themed)

HIP HIP HOORAY! Today is the day! 

The Olympic opening ceremony is today and I'm low key freaking out. I love the Olympics and I plan to veg out on the couch until I leave for school and watch as much as possible. Anyone else? 

It was the perfect first week at home! I landed from NYC and almost immediately (had a solid hour at home!) headed to the beach to surprise Emory for his 21st birthday! So much fun and I miss long beach walks, boogie boarding, and of course, Emory already! I headed back up to Raleigh on Tuesday and since then I've spent a lot of time catching up on life. I got a much needed haircut, went to the dreaded dentist, my mom and I went to a super fun calligraphy class, and I have even started on my graduate school applications! I'm trying my best to be productive with these two weeks I have at home. 

Now, in honor of the Olympics starting today, I thought I would do a fun themed Olympic FriYAY!

Ralph Lauren designed our team's opening ceremony outfits! Take a look at our outfits through the years!

Gymnastics is one of my favorites to watch! I loved watching this documentary about their training!

Ralph Lauren may have made a tiny little mistake while designing the outfits....

Perfect red, white, and blue shirt to wear to watch parties!

See the full schedule and live stream some of the events here!

This is beyond impressive....

Is anyone else planning on celebrating?!




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