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NYC Reflection

I've now been back in the Carolinas for a little over a week. I wanted a little time to think about my summer in the city before I shared all my thoughts and reflection from the summer.

I lived right by the Brooklyn bridge on the Manhattan side so I walked over it a few times!

I imagined myself moving to New York right after college since before I even started college. My friends and I even wrote letters to ourselves on the last day of freshman year to open the day before graduation. I vividly remember writing "I hope you're heading to New York to follow your dreams." I always envisioned myself packing up my stuff and starting my adulthood life in the city that never sleeps.

But dreams change right? And now that "after college" is approaching fast and I have to think about what I really want to be living and doing in a year.

Living and working in New York changed my perspective a little bit. The glamour of the city that's present when you're touring around starts to fade and the realities of living in a city with 8 million other people start to hit you...and hit you hard.

The island of Manhattan is an island like no other. Every corner is packed with culture, excitement, and buildings higher than you can see. And at some times it felt overwhelming. I felt like there was nowhere I could go to escape the hustle and bustle. I missed the independence of having my car and being able to roll down the windows, blast the music, and just drive.

Top of the Rock!

I started to really appreciate the hospitality of the south and the magic that I found in Paris last summer. I missed people smiling to me and saying good morning and I missed the Parisian style.

Someone mentioned to me that you have to be strong in order to live in New York City. While I completely agree, it doesn't mean I'm not strong for possibly not wanting to live there. People change, and there's no question that I'm a different person than the little 19 year old girl who wrote that letter freshman year.

My mom came to visit for the 4th of July! Dress details here

There's no doubt that I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity I had this summer. I enjoyed my internship and learned a lot. I learned a lot about myself, what I want to do and be in the future. And just because New York might not be the city for me right now, doesn't mean it might not be right for me in the future.

Last day of work in the showroom!

It definitely wasn't a summer wasted. I learned some invaluable lessons that really taught me a lot about myself and what I want in the future. I created some great memories and so many people came and visited me!

Thank you New York for a summer of adventure and life lessons.





  1. Loved this post! I think it's great you took time to reflect and think about what's best for you. I also interned in NYC the summer before my senior year of college (I did a magazine internship and absolutely loved it!). All of my fellow interns were 100% sure they wanted to move back after graduation, although at the time I wasn't as certain as to what I wanted to do. I ended up living there for two years after college and had a blast, but it definitely can be a stressful city as you mentioned! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions before making a final decision!

  2. So glad you enjoyed your time in NYC. I've lived here for my entire life and it definitely takes a specific attitude to live here--it's good that you know what you want and are open to see where the future takes you, even if it isn't NY :)

    paige • eyeliner wings & pretty things