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Surprise Beach Trip

This past weekend was a whirlwind. A super exciting whirlwind. 

I may have bluffed a little bit in Friday's post (but for a good reason!!). I had told Emory from the beginning that I was ending my internship on Friday the 29th and then flying home Saturday, but in reality I was actually ending on THURSDAY and flying home Friday morning to surprise him just in time for his 21st birthday Saturday! 

After a few flight delays, luckily I got home by about 3:00pm and made it home with only an hour to unpack from 2 months in NYC and repack for 4 days at the beach. Then I hopped back in the car and drove an hour down the road to surprise Emory as he was on his way back to the beach from a golfing birthday trip with his dad! 

We met at a random exit right off the highway and the timing worked out perfectly. I pulled up and luckily Emory and his dad were inside getting a snack and I patiently waited outside right by their car to surprise him. He was so shocked and so confused that I was there, it was great. I really thought he had some suspicion so I'm so glad it worked out. 

From snapchat! Follow me: shannon.hessen

We headed back to the beach together and met the rest of his family on the island for dinner where his best friend (and little in his fraternity!) was also waiting for him!! 

It was so much fun to surprise him and we all had a great weekend of catching up, hanging out, and relaxing. We spent a lot of time walking the beach, shark tooth hunting, swimming in the ocean, me attempting to learn to skim board, watching the Bachelorette Finale (anyone else?!), and eating lots of food of course! 

A whole lot of beach hair and no make up = the perfect weekend. 

I am so happy I got to be there to help Emory celebrate his 21st birthday! Especially when he did so much to make my 21st so special. It was the perfect welcome back to Carolina weekend.

Now I'm back home and have about 2 1/2 weeks before heading back to school. It's crunch time and I have a long list of things that need to get done before heading back so I'll be doing a lot of errands and finishing things up. 

Happy birthday Emory! So glad I got to be there with you <3





  1. Sounds like such a fun surprise! I did something similar last year and surprised my boyfriend at school and I think he was confused (and excited) for the entire length of the weekend, ha!


  2. Ah this sounds like such a fun surprise and trip!