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The Perfect Clutch

Between sorority and fraternity formals and functions I feel like I'm always searching for a dress for the next event. The one thing I never take into account when planning my formal and function outfits is CLUTCH. I always seem to remember the jewelry, shoes, and dress part but it always comes time for the event and I realize I own not one clutch that even remotely matches what I'm wearing. 

Luckily it's great living in an apt with 3 other girls or even better living on the hall with 40 other girls who all own numerous clutches. Usually, I end up shopping through their closets and borrowing one at the last second and swear to myself that I'm going to buy a clutch or two to add to my collection. I also need to invest in a few great ones for after I graduate and won't be living within 5 feet of all my best friend's closets. 

Toss Designs sent me this simple, but adorable clutch to style and obviously I was in love with the pink color block and little bamboo zipper pull. It's perfect because it matches a majority of my wardrobe (which is either navy or pink!). I brought it to my recent trip to Hilton Head to carry my phone and wallet essentials instead of lugging around my whole purse while walking around! 

Bag // Shirt // Jeans // Shoes // Watch

What's your favorite clutch you've ever bought?? Fill me in!!