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What you Should Always Keep in Your Backpack

With back to school right around the corner (where the heck did summer go?!) I thought I would do a little back to school post. Especially since a backpack is pretty much a must no matter what age!

Books and a laptop are a given in your backpack, but adding a few of the items below can make your semester easier and less stressful when things get chaotic (as they always do!). My mom's purse is the size of a backpack and despite all the teasing, she always has what we need and it makes life's little emergencies much less stressful! Make your backpack the backpack version of the Mary Poppin's bag!
1. Phone Charger
2. Pen
3. Headphones
4. Tampons
5. $5 Bill (just in case)
6. Hair Tie
7. Band Aids 
8. Hand Sanitizer
9. Gum
10. Granola Bar (never know when you're going to need a snack!)

What do you always make sure is in your backpack? Let me know so I can add it to the list!





  1. Cash is such a good suggestion! I can't tell you how many times I've been out on campus late and wanted food, only to realize I forgot my student ID for my meal plan or something like that.

    xoxo Taylor | Positively Taylor

  2. Hair ties and gum are always a must! I've always needed a hair tie whether to loan to someone else or use for tests. I also have a fear of stinky breath after lunch so I always chew some gum, haha.

    Alyson | My Life as Alyson

  3. I love these suggestions! I always keep some cash on me just in case and I love those granola bars! I also always keep lip balm with me!