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Where I've Been

I believe that since the first day of kindergarten school has really ruled my life. 

For as long as I can remember, I've prioritized school over most everything (obviously with some exceptions ie. family). From the first day of the school year in August to the last day of school in May, school dictates most of my life. It's a part of me that I've struggled to work on my whole life.

I vividly remember being physically terrified about forgetting my homework all the way back to early elementary school. I would make my mom park the car and walk me all the way to my classroom (through 4th grade may I add) and then while she made small talk with my teacher every morning (per my instruction), I would quickly run into the classroom, unpack my backpack, and make sure I didn't forget anything. This was even after I had packed my backpack the night before and rechecked again that morning before leaving. Excessive? Absolutely. But it's always the way I've been.

Although it may not seem like it through my blog, I have gotten surprisingly better especially in the past year or two. I am in by no means relaxed about school suddenly, buttttt I am way better at controlling my stress now in certain situations. I allow myself to go out to dinner with friends and taking a two-hour study break. 

Living at school when I moved to college was a big adjustment in the beginning. It was hard for me to separate school from personal time when I was living school. I almost felt guilty if I was just hanging out in my room doing nothing because I could be getting ahead or studying (I'm still guilty of this today). 

So how does all this relate to my blog? Well it explains the lack of posting and consistency. Hence, why I'm so much more active on my blog during the summer months when I don't have school work to get in the way!

With my last semester of college (at least as an undergrad!) quickly quickly approaching (OMG PLZ STOP THE TIME), I'm really going to try to prioritize my time better and allow myself time to spend  on things I love (things like blogging!). 

Plus I will be turning over my big leadership position as Panhellenic president right after recruitment in January so I'll suddenly gain back a lot more free time!

So I hope that briefly explains where I've been and what I've been spending my time on in the past few months. But outside of the library and panhellenic meeting, here are some other highlights from the semester that didn't make it on the blog :)

The Carnival // Every year Furman puts on a little carnival to welcome the new freshman the night before school starts! I'm lucky to have a guy who will always tote me around :) 

The first function of the semester! 

My roommates and I went apple picking to celebrate the start of Fall! Too bad it was in the 90s and we were pouring sweat and ready to leave the moment we got there. At least we got yummy apple donuts out of it!

And then there was family weekend! I took my family up to one of my favorite lookouts (Bald Rock) which is only a short drive from Furman!

Heading to the family weekend tailgate before going to the football game!

Emilee, my roommate since freshman year turned 21 in October and we all had so much fun celebrating with her!

Halloween! Emory and I thought we were very clever and crafty with our costume this year ;) 

And of course more tailgating! 

Emory's homecoming function! 

And my semi formal! The back of this dress was my favorite part!

With Christmas break quickly approaching, I promise there will be lots more posts coming in the near future!





  1. I've missed seeing your posts, Shannon! Looks your semester has been so fun!


  2. I feel your pain! It was always pushed through my brain that "school comes first" so when I'm not doing things I'm usually working on school things instead and feel guilty otherwise - such a relatable post. I'm hoping to get back to blogging soon with the new semester coming up, good luck with your new goal!!




  3. Your game day outfits (and all your outfits) are always so cute!! I can't wait to see what you have planned for your blog. :)

    xx, Julianna {sassdelsur.blogspot.com}