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Kate Spade Fitness Trackers

Kate Spade Fitness Trackers

I hope everyone had a very Merry magical Christmas!

I spent Christmas at home with my family and my grandparents drove down Michigan too! It was pretty low key but it was great to have some down time since I head back to school just next week (I have to go back early for recruitment). My big Christmas present this year was tickets to the Orange bowl with Emory! I fly out tomorrow (Thursday!) to West Palm and come home Sunday. Michigan (my favorite team) is playing Emory's team (FSU) in Miami on Friday. We were so excited when we saw this match and I'm so excited we'll get to be there in person!

I was looking through the Kate Spade website the other day and stumbled across these new fitness trackers. I have been thinking about a Fitbit or an Apple Watch forever but I'm always torn because I wear my gold kate spade watch every day. BUTTTT once again Kate Spade saves the day and made adorable and pretty fitness trackers. Pretty and useful....I'm all in. 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

If anyone has one of the Kate Spade Fitbit trackers (or an apple watch) let me know your opinions! I'm so torn if I want one of them!!




FriYAY + Last Minute Gifts

FriYAY + Last Minute Gifts

IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE EVE!!!!! I hope everyone is as excited as me. If you're looking for a Christmas movie to watch today, today would be the perfect day to watch Eloise at Christmastime. One of my all time favorites. 

My grandparents are coming today from Michigan so we'll be doing some last minute Christmas prep like cooking and baking! I have come up with a great list of some last minute gifts that you really don't need to leave the couch for! If you're in a pickle and have no idea what to buy someone hopefully this will inspire you. 

What are your favorite last minute gifts? Comment so we can add them to the list!

For your mom:

Moms are some of the most deserving people out there! Plus who wouldn’t want a gift certificate to get their nails, toes and  facial done?!

My mom and I both love musicals! We have a few really great theaters in the Raleigh area that get great productions too! For Christmas, I got my mom (*stop reading here mom*) tickets for us to go see the musical Wicked! I bought them through Ticketmaster, so look and see what’s coming to your area!

3. Framed Photos
This is always my go to gift for anyone. I love pictures and I have so many framed throughout my dorm room. You can easily get your favorite picture of you and your mom printed online and most of the time Walgreens will have it printed in a matter of hours! You can also get posters and other cool products printed too!
P.S. Target always has cute affordable frames!

4. Cooking Class

I am dying to one day to take a cooking or baking class! I could really use a few lessons...lol. Instead of just buying your mom a class get two tickets so you can join her! Nothing better than some qaulity fun time!!

For your dad:

1. Sporting Event Tickets
Is your dad super obsessed with a certain sports team? Use a site like Ticketmaster to buy him tickets to a game! 

2. Concert Tickets
My dad loves music, way more than sports! So a few years ago my family got him tickets to go see his favorite band U2. The expression on his face when he read the tickets was priceless! Check out Ticketmaster for great concert options too!

3. Dollar Shave Club

Okay I totally think this is the coolest thing ever. This is a California-based company that delivers razors and grooming products straight to your house! 

For your sister:

1. Buy a magazine subscription
I have a few magazine subscriptions that I've gotten as gifts and I love all of them. I typically pick up my mail and by the time I get back to my dorm room, I’ve already finished going through the entire magazine! But let’s be real, who  doesn't love getting mail?! Here are a few links to my favorites:

Vogue | Marie Claire | Teen Vogue | Seventeen | Magnolia (Chip & JoAnna's Magazine!) |
| Southern Living 

2. Monthly Beauty Subscription

  Because who wouldn't want to get a few new nail polishes every month?!

Julep | Ipsy | BirchBox

3. Darby Smart

Monthly and Bi-Monthly craft and DIY subscription! This would be perfect if you had a younger who was super into doing crafts (totally me as a younger girl). 

For your bother:

My brother loves our Netflix subscription. It’s fun to be able to go back and watch episodes of your favorite T.V. shows at any time and plus they have great movies options as well! Also perfect for any college student!

Does your brother love music? If so, it’s the perfect gift! I use Pandora almost every day when I’m at school doing my homework and the commercials get so annoying (and I always) run out of skips. With a subscription you don’t have to worry about those 30 second commercials!
For the entire family:
1.     Buy an experience on GroupOn!
My family has always loved doing adventurous things together. We've gone Zip lining multiple times, white water rafting (oh you should have seen the laughs we got out of this one), we've been on Segway tours! All of these things are great options and so much fun to do together. The memories you make will be priceless! Way better than anything you could buy in a store. 
For someone special:
Secretly I’ve always wanted to do this. It’s surprisingly super affordable and who wouldn’t want to get a star named in their honor?! 
I hope this gives you some ideas! Sometimes it’s the things you can’t buy in a store that make for the greatest gifts! So don’t panic if you haven’t bought anything yet. Plus remember, if you really want to surprise someone usually local animal shelters are open on Christmas eve, and who wouldn’t want to open a cute little puppy or kitten on Christmas morning?! Just another idea ;)

Something Fun

1. Lottery Ticket

Help someone win the jack pot! Sometimes Santa will put Lottery tickets in our stockings and they're so much fun to scratch off every year! Last year I won $5! 
Wishing everyone has a great holiday season! 



Christmas in Apex

Christmas in Apex

 It feels so good to be back at home for Christmas. For some reason, the constant chaos that's inevitable in my house is in some ways comforting. I always miss having time to do things I love when I'm at school and I love coming home for breaks like Christmas and Summer because I feel like I can finally spend time on those things (since ya know, no homework and all). 

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a chef, in any way shape or form. I burnt easy mac when I was younger if that tells you anything about my cooking skills. I live in an apartment this year and despite having a full-size kitchen, I still go to the dining hall for just about every meal. With the exception of my breakfast, I make an eggo waffle every morning without fail and usually eat it on my way to class. #Healthy

Despite my not so pretty past with cooking, I have always loved baking with my mom (still need her expertise). I like the exact measurements and all the details. Plus I love the sweet scent that baking fills the house with. As graduation approaches and the real world on the horizon, I really want to become a better baker. I'm hoping that will be easier when I don't have all the extracurriculars and a heavy class load. 

 Anyways......I'm done babbling now. Long story short, it's been great being home and see the town all decorated for the holidays. My mom and I went downtown Apex a bit to explore and admire all the Christmas decorations. I love Apex and all it's cute small time charm. It's even cuter at night when Main street is all lit up! 

Skirt // Sweater (on sale!!) // Scarf // Watch // Bow (similar) // Boots (on sale!!)






Happy happy Friday! 

The first part of the week was an absolute whirlwind finishing exams and all. I had my hardest two exams on Tuesday and Wednesday so up until Wednesday I pretty much spending all my time studying. I walked out of my exam Wednesday, over the moon excited to have all my finals done, went back and literally threw stuff in the car (I realized when I was about an hour into my trip I forgot socks....) and hit the road! 

It's nice to finally be home and catch up on sleep! My best friend Danee is flying in later tonight to spend a few days here in the Carolinas! I'm so excited to have her here for a few days and I can't wait to spend time with her. 

Now for what's on my radar this week....

I'm OBSESSED with the new Kate Spade Spring looks. Really eyeing that dress in look 8....

These earrings...enough said. 

Need a last minute gift idea for a friend? I love this jewelry tray

Thinking I need this top, thoughts??

Love love love this cute newlywed home tour. Hoping my house will look like this one day!

I desperately want a big labradoodle one day and I died when I saw this on facebook. 

Happy happy holidays!!