Friday, January 29, 2016

Favorite Tech Accessories

I’m not exactly what you call a techy girl. I do love technology, but I by no means are an expert on it. I’m pretty good on a computer and can usually figure technology out. I’ve always loved typing, I remember typing class in 5th grade and desperately trying to get to the highest level.

I’ve made significant progress since then. Some of my favorite classes in college have been my graphic design classes and my digital communication class! I’m always on the quest for new cool technology products that could make my daily life a little easier or more fun!
GoPro | EyeFi Card | Portable Charger | Instax Printer | Speakers | Headphones 

GoPro // My parents and brothers gifted me a GoPro before I went abroad! I made it my mission to take some video in every place where went so I could compile them into one long video! My study abroad video turned out so well and I can’t wait to make so many more fun videos this upcoming semester now!

Eyefi // Game. Changer. While it’s not exactly something you would probably use on a daily basis, this memory card allows you to download your pictures straight from your camera to your phone through an app!

Portable Iphone Charger // The worst thing ever is when you’re out and you get the notice that you have less than 10% left. The next thing you know you look down at your phone and it’s jumped from 10% to 2% in what feels like 3 minutes. I try to throw this in my purse when I know I’m going to be out all day!

Instax Printer // This is so much fun! As someone who takes so many pictures ( I currently have over 3,000 on my phone) it’s fun to be able to print out little polaroid of your favorite pictures right from your iphone!

Kate Spade Speakers // I just got these for Christmas and these are one of the things that I didn’t know I needed until I got them. I didn’t have a good pair of speakers and I love listening to music. I usually always have music on in my room whether I’m studying or cleaning! You can play music straight from your phone through blue tooth and they surprisingly get pretty loud!!

Headphones // Maybe I’m like so picky about headphones but I like these Apple headphones so much better than the regular apple ones that come with your iphone. My dad bought these for a long trip and after I tried them once, I realized I couldn’t go back to the old ones.

What are your favorite tech products?




Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bid Day

One of my absolute favorite days of the semester is always bid day, and not just because I get to layer on the glitter and wear a tutu (okay well partially). It's a full day of fun starting early in the morning when we find out all the girls in our new pledge class to late into the night skating and dancing with all my favorite people. 

Nothing compares to seeing the happiness on the girl's faces when they run into our arms and we welcome them home. Sororities are definitely not for everyone, but I have absolutely loved my experience in Tridelt. I have met some of my best friends and found amazing upper classmen to serve as my mentors. It's something you can't explain from the inside and hard to see from the outside.

Welcoming the new pledge class home was oh so exciting. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was opening my bid and celebrating on bid day as a freshman. Now it's been 2 years and it's still just as exciting as the day I joined tridelta! 

My sweet sweet little and I Mary anxiously awaiting the new pledge class!

My fabulous sassy family! Can't wait to add 4 new babies in just a few short days!

Just the coolest identical twins who both went tridelt! Welcome home!

After taking what feels like thousands of pictures we headed to a skating rink to eat dinner, dance, skate, and celebrate the new members! 

Did I mention how much I LOVE skating?!

I made this fun video of the day!!

I would relive that day over and over. Now if only I can get all the glitter off of everywhere!




Monday, January 25, 2016

Starting a New Semester Tips

I remember calling my mom crying after my first college class. It was a philosophy class and I was convinced I was going fail the class. After talking to the professor, getting a tutor, and asking a million questions, I did not fail! Or even come close to failing! By the end of the semester I really couldn't believe that I made it out alive.

While I always struggle a little bit to get back into the swing of things after a long break, luckily it’s not usually as bad as that first day of my freshman year. Change is not one of my strengths, so there is always a little bit of an adjustment period. This time seems especially hard since I wasn’t at Furman last semester. Luckily, since I’m a second semester junior (where the heck has time gone?!?!) I’ve gotten into more of my major classes, rather than some of the required classes that don’t interest me as much!

Now that classes are back in full swing,  I thought it might be helpful to tell you some of the small new semester tips that I have found that make my transition smoother!

As someone who stresses lot, most of time over nothing, I’m really going to work on prioritizing my time better! I’m looking forward to starting a new semester while keeping these tips in mind!

1. Write down all important due dates from your syllabus // Do this for every class! I write down the due date of every single class and every single assignment! Some professors don't remind you of assignments and the due dates so it's important that you're on top of them!

2. Dedicate a notebook/folder for every class // Part of this is just because I love school supplies so much. But it helps to have all your papers and notes in one place for each of your classes (I usually label them)!

3. Get a tutor early! // There is no shame in getting a tutor. I am taking French this semester and I already know I'm going to need about 7 tutors (read what happened during my last french class). Ask for help early because if you wait until the last week of the semester it could be too late!

4. Make a folder on your computer for each of your classes // Makes it so easy to find documents! Sometimes I even make folders inside those folders for individual research projects!

5. Print off multiple copies of you schedule // I usually have a copy in each of my class notebooks and one in my planner! I also usually have one hung up somewhere in my room! Over the top?....Maybe

6.  Assign a color for each class for your planner // I color code my planner per class. It makes it so easy to separate classes and homework. It really makes a world of difference for me. 

7. Make a friend in every class // Having a friend in every class can save you from sending constant emails asking questions about small assignments to your professor! Plus having someone to study with always makes hard classes a little easier when you feel like you're not the only one lost!

Share your favorite tips for starting off the semester right with me!




Friday, January 15, 2016

Apps For Studying Abroad

 After being gone for almost half of 2015 out of the country, I discovered some of the coolest iphone apps that made traveling that much easier! I had a very limited data plan, so always had to be careful with that, but if you study abroad you’ll discover that most places have free wifi for guests (city centers, restaurants, stores, etc.).

I really used my phone a whole lot less while I was overseas. While it takes some time getting used to, it’s kind of nice to be disconnected (to an extent, remember to call your parents often, they worry!!) from the reality of everything back home. I learned how rejuvenating it can be to focus on traveling and everything there. With all that being said, there are some great apps for your phone that can really make traveling easier!

There’s an app for everything right?

WhatsApp // While you may always be able to iMessage on wifi (without an international plan) to people who have iphones back home, what about people who don't have iphones and can't iMessage? WhatsApp is what I used while abroad and it worked great for people who don't have iphones! My aunt has an Android and was able to download it and we texted through that!

Google Maps // Just my personal favorite for direction. Getting lost can be a good thing in a foreign city, but when you're on a tight timeline and you're trying to hit all the sites, it's important to know where you're going so you don't waste time being lost!

Rail Planner // Your guide to European trains! It's so easy to travel around Europe by train and often times more enjoyable and cheaper than a flight! This app can be helpful for schedule, train times, etc!

City Maps 2Go // Must have app. This app allows you to download a detailed map of the city while you're on wifi to use while you're touring! After you have it downloaded it can use GPS without using data or wifi and show you exactly where you are! LIFE SAVER. 

CityMapper // I used this app religiously in Paris this past summer. I had programmed work and my dorm into it and with the click of a button it could tell me the fastest way home! It gives you detailed and easy directions home via bus, metro, or foot! It also tells you how long until the next train and where the closest stop is located. In Paris, I never had signal while on the metro so make sure you screenshot the directions before you walk down into the metro and don't have signal!

Skyscanner // Compares all the websites and helps you find the cheapest flights! I used Skyscanner to book all my flights flights abroad!

Hostelworld // Easily find the nicest/ cheapest hostels in the city you're headed and read reviews from past guests! While you can book your hostel through hostelworld through the website, having the app is super helpful to have all your information about your stay, the address, and phone number in your phone at all times!

Travel Safe // It's super important to always be aware of your surroundings at all time while traveling (abroad or domestic!). Travel Safe holds all emergency contact numbers (like the US embassy phone number and address) for countries all over the world. No need to waste time googling the info! 

Google Translate // Although there are tons of translator apps, I personally like the Google one the best! It has a feature where you hold your phone up and using the camera you point at something in another language and it tells you what it says in English! Great for Menus!

Do you ever have any favorite apps that you used while traveling? Let me know, I'm super curious!




Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I am totally into capes this year. I saw so many chic Europeans pull them off in different cities and I was determined to find one that I could bring home with me. It definitely takes the right outfit to pull it off, but I’m really so excited to wear them!

I got this navy one from Zara one weekend when I was traveling and my mom picked this one out for me for Christmas! They look so cute on with a striped shirt underneath or a cozy turtle neck! Sometimes I get nervous about pulling them off, but with the right outfit they are adorable!

I wore mine one day sightseeing in London!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

What are your thoughts on capes? Do you love or hate them?





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