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An Ode to the High Heel: History of the High Heel

Last semester I took a class called Clothing as Self Expression. I took it as a fun elective to offset some of my other harder classes I was taking last semester. It was a fun class and interesting to learn the evolution of garments and the characteristics of fashion that made up each period in history. Especially since I think I want to be involved in the fashion industry in some form once I start my career. I think I'm leaning towards the marketing and communication side of everything but it was still get great to gain some background on the history of clothes.

We started in the renaissance and worked our way through the years. We looked at different garments and trends in general. However one of my favorite pieces to learn the history of was the high heel! I wrote my final paper and presentation on high heels too!

Now, let me preface you. I am totally not a high heel wearer. At 5'1 you'd think I'd be all about anything that makes me taller. And then on top of being short, my boyfriend is 6'5! But in reality I'm really not much of a heel person. I much prefer cute comfortable flats :) I know you can find really comfortable heels but I guess I just haven't found any I love yet! Maybe that should be one of my 2017 goals...

Despite our rocky relationship I still enjoyed learning about the rich history behind high heels so I thought I would share with you a quick summarized version of my paper!

I'm not a huge history buff but I do enjoy learning the background of things I'm interested in! I thought it was fascinating just how long this shoe we throw on everyday has been around. Every time I slip on a heel now for a formal or function I'm going to think of Catherine De Medici wearing her heels!





  1. Isn't it so interesting to learn about how certain fashion items have evolved over time? And there's never a need to wear heels if that's just not your thing. However, if you're looking for tips on finding a comfortable pair, I suggest looking for shoes with a padded sole and a block heel.

    Sweet Helen Grace