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New Year, New Dreams

Y'all. Can you believe it's 2017. I am still having a hard time grasping it and Lord knows I'll write 2016 until at least May. 
2017 always seemed so far away. From the time I received my acceptance letter from Furman I was labeled as "Class of 2017". It just seemed so far away and a year that would never come. And all of a sudden, I'm no longer a freshman and it's 2017 and the year of my graduation. 

I thought it would feel similar to high school graduation. Leaving one phase of your life and about to start another. But as we approach graduation, it feels more and more different. Last time I knew I would most likely end up at a college, making new friends, and living in a dorm. After college the world feels wide open. More school isn't a given, I'm not tied to any city, and everything seems like a new opportunity. Sometimes it's overwhelming with all the different directions you can go! 

With so many unknowns in 2017 there's a part of me that is terrified, but in other ways it makes it exciting! After I walk across the stage in May I'm totally on my own and can start chasing after a career I have always dreamed of!

I have so many things I want to accomplish and just keep thinking of new ideas and dreams I want to accomplish one day! However, although I'd like to conquer the world in one day, I need to scale back and remember that a year is only 365. 

I'm excited about a lot of new opportunities and changes that are in the works. I have so many ideas and hoping that a lot of them will be finalized this year. So make sure you're following along because 2017, no doubt is going to be nothing short of awesome.  

And who knows where I'll end up after I walk across the stage in May?! The world is my oyster and I can't wait to create many new memories and adventures in 2017!





  1. I completely understand the feeling! I graduated HS in 2016 and I remember learning about what year I was going to graduate and how it felt like a million years away. Now, 2016 has passed and I have graduated. I bet graduating college is completely different than HS. There is so much unknown...you have a whole bright future ahead! Good luck in 2017!

    Cat// https://fromgirlc.wordpress.com/

  2. Happy New Year, Shannon! Can't wait to see everything 2017 holds for you!