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New Years in Palm Beach

For Christmas, I got tickets to the Orange Bowl in Miami! Michigan (my team) was playing Florida State (Emory's team) so it was perfect that I got to fly down and we could spend a couple days together in the warm weather adventuring around South Florida! Emory is from West Palm Beach so it was very convenient that we could stay at his house and just drive down the day of the game. I'm so lucky that Emory grew up in West Palm and knows all the cool spots and can be a tour guide when I visit! It was only my second time there (my first time was last year over Spring Break!) so we tried to fit in as much as possible. 

I flew down on the 29th and flew back yesterday so I got to be there for New Years as well! 

The weather was so nice the whole time I was there. We walked on the beach a bit the first day and the sunset was STUNNING. I also love looking for shells and found some great pieces of sea glass too!

For Christmas everyone in Emory's family got a customized puzzle. A great gift idea if you have someone in your family who loves to puzzle! I made Emory wait to do his until I got there so I could help since I was on his! Isn't that the coolest thing?!

One of my favorite things we did one afternoon was a trip to the turtle hospital! I've always loved sea turtles and it was so interesting to walk around and read about the turtles that were being taken care of there. This is a fake turtle above butttt we did see so many adorable real ones and I was ready to adopt one of the baby ones! 

Even though Michigan lost (by a point :(((( ) the game was still one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was an exciting and intense game which made it even better. We drove down early and got to see Cole Swindell perform outside of the stadium before and then headed inside to see both FSU's and Michigan's band before the game started. We had an absolute blast and by the end I had no voice left from cheering. Don't worry, I've recovered since. 

We ended my trip with a long bike ride all over Palm Beach. Emory took me to his favorite spots so I could take in as much of the Palm Beach beauty before I left. I'm the luckiest girl that he's so patient and doesn't complain about all the frequent stops for me to take pictures :) 

Now I'm back in Raleigh preparing to go back to school tomorrow to start recruitment early. It will be a CRAZY few days finishing up the planning and executing all of recruitment, but I'm looking forward to seeing all those girls beaming with excitement when they get their bids on bid day. Until then, say prayers for me. As Panhellenic president this year I'm interested to see all the back work of the recruitment process!





  1. The Michigan game was so great, super sad they loss (I was rooting for them also). Love your pictures!!

    - Avalon from simplyavalon.blogspot.com

  2. It looks beautiful here. What a great adventure and present!


  3. You & Emory are too cute!!
    Miss you!!!

  4. What an amazing trip! You and Emory are such a cute couple!