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Winter Blues

I always feel a tad disappointed after Christmas because winter attire seems much less fun after the holidays. I love wearing all the holiday plaids and abundance of red, but after the holidays I feel like I'm confined to a sweater every day. 

I always struggle a bit in winter. I feel so uninspired. Everything is grey and colorless and I feel confined inside with the cold weather. While it may not be 30 degrees here every day, it's definitely not warm enough to hang out outside. We've had so much rain the past few days and that really has not really helped my seasonal slump! I'm praying spring arrives early this year as I'm ready for the flowers to bloom and walks around the lake.

We have a full six weeks ahead of us until spring break (or 43 days if you're counting like me). I know it's not really that long, and it will probably fly by, but right now it just feels so far away. I know this is a time I need to enjoy since graduation is right around the corner, but it's hard when you feel like you're doing the same mundane things day after day (aka class). I think I need to start planning at least one fun thing every weekend to look forward and help get me through the week. Not only will it make spring come faster, it will help me cherish my last semester at Furman! 

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Anyone else sick of winter yet??





  1. You're so adorable. I love your outfit!
    xo elle // https://splashofpreppy.com

    1. Thank you!! Can never go wrong with shades of blue!

  2. Ugh I know, winter after Christmas is hard! Enjoy the sunny days as best you can, and it will be spring before you know it! :)

    1. Totally agree! Winter after Christmas is hard to appreciate! Luckily there's sun on the forecast this week! xoxo

  3. Hi Shannon! I love love love How you styled your hair for this post. Do you have your hair cut in the V shape? Would you be able to post something about how you style your hair and how you curl it like that, or point me in the direction of an old post I may not know about it?

    1. Hi Krystyna! Thanks so much! I actually just have my hair cut with no layers so it's all the same length. I have SUPER thick hair and a lot of it so the only way I have figured out that actually holds my curls is using a straightener! It took a bit of practice but I'm convinced it's so much better than a curling iron. I separate my hair into 3 different layers and then make sure I curl away from my face. I don't currently have a post on it but I'll add that to my list of ideas! Hope this helps a bit!

  4. I love the color combination of this outfit. It's so pretty. The vest looks especially comfortable. :]

    // itsCarmen.com

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