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Anthropologie Finds

I always seem to get in a bit of a rut dressing for winter. I get excited just as the weather starts to cool down and I get excited to pull out my riding boots and my favorite sweaters. But after a few months of winter weather the excitement wears off and I get sick of my everyday wardrobe of riding boots, jeans, and a sweater.

Now that it's started to warm up a bit and a thick sweater isn't necessary every day I'm struggling with what to wear. It's not warm enough just yet for a short sleeve shirt or a dress, but in the past few days you could easily get away with just a long sleeve shirt and no jacket! I have a variety of light long sleeve sleeves but I'm realizing that almost every single one of them is striped. I really have a true problem, especially if it's navy.

I was shopping around a little bit (while I was procrastinating studying of course) looking for some versatile tops that would be good for not only casual days but something that I could dress up as well.

I was so impressed by Anthro's selection! They had so many cute options that are perfect for the in-between weather and before I knew it I had 20 tabs open of things I liked. 

I'm feeling the need to reach out of my comfort zone and try something not striped. I'm really obsessed with all of them.

Which one is your favorite?




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