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FriYAY + My Exciting Weekend Plans

I lied. My weekend plans are far from exciting.

My plans consist of studying for a French test I have on Monday. If you have been reading for a while, you know my background with French class. I've never struggled with a class as much as I struggle in French. It's so frustrating and for some reason, languages just refuse to click with me. It's technically my last graduation requirement so I don't have much of a choice but to get through it. 

My class is a majority of freshman who came into Furman with a French background and tested into this 200 level class. It's almost comical at this point how bad I am. I really do try and spend hours and hours studying, but for some reason that just doesn't seem to make a difference. 

My inner perfectionist gets the best of me and I hate that I can't master the grammar or pronounce something right. And then I get embarrassed and my face turns red. Anyone else? 

Safe to say I'll be happy when that class is over.

Our school is putting on a production of Hairspray this weekend though so I'll probably take a quick break to go and see it! I can't resist a good musical. 

Hopefully all of you have more exciting weekend plans than me ;) 

I've been having a hard time feeling inspired picking out my outfits in the morning. I've really been trying to mix it up a bit and cut back on the amount of leggings I wear. I really loved this winter outfit and hoping it provides some inspiration. Now for what's on my radar this week:

A Marine + an engagement = heart melting

Who knew stamps could be so pretty? This makes me want to send mail!

They're turning one of my favorite movies into a musical and I'm PUMPED. 

Love this adorable top and love even more that it's under $50!

Is anyone else obsessed with the TV Show This is Us?

This has been one of my favorite Instagram accounts lately for design inspiration. Can they please come teach me their ways?!

I've been eyeing this pair of shoes...

As you know I've been debating if I want an Apple Watch. I loved Krista's review and answered some of my questions!

Alright, I'm seriously ready to order this entire collection. I need to find a way to restrain myself.

Did you catch my easy DIY for a fun Valentine's Day Gift??

I hope all of you have more exciting plans for this weekend than I do!




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  1. Good luck studying this weekend, Shannon! I loved Krista's apple watch review too!