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FriYAY + Where I Traveled To This Week!

The weeks are flyin' by! Which isn't necessarily a bad thing! Bring on the warm weather, sandals, and sun dresses! The weather has been in that weird limbo between warm and cold. It's typically pretty warm in the mornings when I head to class and then by the time lunch time rolls around I'm ready to ditch my jacket and get comfy in jeans and a long sleeve shirt. 

If it could just stick with super cold or warm weather that would really be just dandy. 

This week was nothing superrr out of the ordinary, but I did get to escape campus on Tuesday for a quick day trip to Columbia! I don't have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester (#secondsemestersenior) so it worked out perfectly. Emory recently got accepted into University of South Carolina's law school (so proud!!) so I got to tag along as he toured the school! He hasn't made a final decision and is still considering a few different options, but it was fun to explore the campus and town with him. We made a day of it and got lunch in Columbia and walked through the downtown a bit before heading back to Furman. 

The rest of my week was pretty much filled with class, homework, and a few scattered meetings. For the next 3 weekends though I have a formal event which I'm sure will make these next few weeks fly by. This weekend we have Emory's semi-formal so be sure you're following me on insta to see what I wear! The next weekend we have my sorority winter's function and our theme this year is "You Are What You Netflix" so if anyone has any suggestions for funny couple costumes please help a girl out.

Becuase donuts (especially pink iced ones) really do seem to make everything better. 

Now for what's on my radar this week:

I ordered this dress and can't wait to try it on! Under $100 too! I'm thinking it will be great for Spring Break. 

So if you're into podcasts, I've heard this one is super fun and interesting to listen to!

Okay does it feel like all of a sudden everyone is expecting a baby?! So excited for Julia, Kelly, and Amy!

The funniest Galentine's DIY

Don't forget about this cute DIY for Valentine's I made!

But let's be real...this is what I'm hoping for V-Day....anyone else??

Did you guys hear?! Lilly partnered with Swell and made Lilly patterned Swell bottles that can be bought at select Starbucks! Has anyone see them yet?? People are already selling them on Ebay

There's a Kate Spade Surprise Sale going on right now! I have my eye on on this dress, this crossbody, and this umbrella. I also feel like this would be great for traveling!

PSA PSA PSA:: Barbour is on major sale on Nordstrom's website!! I love this jacket and this one too! Barbour never seems to go on sale so get it while you can!

And in case you need a laugh...I was dying of cuteness watching this video.

What's on your radar this week?





  1. The first thing that came to mind was Gossip Girl for your Netflix couples party-that's what I always just flip on and the couples are so recognizable!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  2. Congrats to Emory and I totally thought of Gossip Girl too- that would be a fairly easy costume too haha!


  3. Congrats to Emory and I'm glad you got to tag along! When I was a senior in undergrad I didn't have Friday classes and it was the best!