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My Spring Break Plans! + Spring Break Essentials

Spring Break is right around the corner (hallelujah!). I officially have a week and a half until I get a full week off of school and no words can explain my excitement. I'm really looking forward to a few days of not having to worry about classes and tests and meetings. 

The down side is that next week I have 2 midterms (on the same day) and a large French test on Friday (just hours before we leave). So it's safe to say that once 9:30 next Friday arrives I'll be jumping for joy. 

Three friends and I are headed down south to Florida for most of the week! We are going to Emory's house in Palm Beach for a few days before getting on a 4-day cruise (eek!!). We disembark on Friday and will start heading back north but will spend the weekend with my family in Hilton Head before heading back to Furman on Sunday. It's going to involve lots of driving but I really think it's going to be a blast. I'm excited that I'll still get to see my family and spend lots of time with friends. I really think it's going to be exactly what I need. 

I've tried to contain my excitement over all the spring collections coming out. I can hardly wait for consistent warm weather and ditch my riding boots and jackets. I know I can't complain too much though as we have had a fairly mild winter. But I'm still more than ready for Spring! All my favorite stores keep coming out with their spring lines (did you see J.Crew's new party collection, swoon!) and I'm tempted to buy everything! I also haven't switched over my closet yet to all my spring clothes so maybe this is the reason I'm tempted to buy all of it...

I know I'm going to be packing a lot of dresses as they really are one of the easiest pieces to wear. They take up less room in a suitcase and make you look super put together! I bought this dress a few days ago for the trip and can't wait to wear it one day. 

The countdown is officially on and I need to keep reminding myself that once I make it though next week, sunshine and sandals await! Until next Friday though, you can find me in the library. 

Have you found any must-have spring break pieces?! Please share!!





  1. This is such a lovely post :)

  2. Omg, obsessed with everything! I'm so jealous that your spring break is next week- I have to wait till mid-April!